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source: Mmegi
Siki Motshwari Johannes

PALAPYE: The dream has been fulfilled at last. What remains is the hand over of the institution.

When the initial take-off of 2007 elapsed, some ‘Doubting Thomases’ were beginning to suspect that the project would never see the light of the day. Minister of Education and Skills Development, Jacob Nkate admitted that government was initially not aware of the magnitude of the project and that set date was both ambitious and unrealistic.

However, euphoria was written all over as Nkate, performed ground breaking ceremony paving the way for the construction of the long awaited Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) here in Palapye. All eyes are now on the contractor, China Civil Engineering Construction to deliver “an aesthetically appealing university on time, on schedule and on budget and road solid university,” said Minister Nkate.

He called on the contractor not to compromise quality. He underscored the importance that [continue reading]

source: BOPA
20 April, 2009

SEROWE – Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Jacob Nkate, says the construction of Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) comes after a lengthy nationwide process of consultation with Batswana.

He said the consultation process allowed the latter the opportunity to make an input and hence every citizen could call the project his or her own.

He further applauded the local communities for their approval and support for the initiative.

“I wish to extend my sincere thanks to Kgosi Sediegeng Kgamane, Kgosi Ntebele and other Dikgosi for their visionary leadership, contribution and support towards the success of this project,” he said.

He also acknowledged the families who allowed the exhumation and relocation of their dead relatives in order to give way to the development of the university, saying the sacrifices that these families made were priceless and were an indication that they were committed to the future of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
20 April, 2009

TSABONG – Kgalagadi District Council Secretary has admitted that despite the fact that there is shortage of water for domestic use in some villages, the situation is worsened by the fact that some employees sleep on the job.

This came to light after the residents of Kolonkwaneng and their councillor had raised a concern that the borehole attendant in their village is not effective as days pass without the boreholes being operated.

Councillor John Lentshikang of Kolonkwaneng expressed his displeasure recently that the village had stayed for about two weeks prior to the Easter holidays without water as there was no diesel to operate the two boreholes that supply the village.

He said he had made several reports to the Council Secretary’s office to intervene, but his efforts proved futile as the issue was [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
Staff Writer

The replacement of outgoing Botswana Catholic Bishop Boniface Setlalekgosi, the youthful Valentine Seane, on Friday dismissed condoms as a mere tool to promote sexual immorality.

He was addressing the media for the first time ahead of his consecration as Botswana’s second citizen Catholic Bishop on April 25 at Ditshupo Hall.

Just when journalists were thinking the youthful bishop would have a different view from his predecessors on the importance of condoms, especially during this era of HIV, Seane rocked the boat. He said, “to use a condom is like replacing self-control, faithfulness…ultimately it (condom) will replace the way you control yourself.”

Seane told the media that because the condom is so safe people now can do anything anytime. However, he said the condom can only be encouraged in a marriage set up where one partner is HIV positive. “But I don’t promote it, it is like saying go and hang yourself.”

Seane stressed that his church will not [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
20 April 2009

A Chegutu farmer who had a personal visit from a ministerial team investigating the fresh wave of land attacks last week, has described his shock that within an hour of the visit, he came under fresh attack from land invaders.

Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara last week traveled to Chegutu with a team of ministers to report on the ongoing land invasions, which have seen most of the country’s remaining farmers forced into hiding. After a whirlwind tour of the Mount Carmel farm, which has been under siege by a gang of invaders for more than three weeks, Mutambara ordered the invaders off the land. He accused them of “reaping what they did not sow,” of breaking the law and destroying the economy. He also told policemen, who have supported the invasion from the start, to uphold the law and even called one of Mugabe’s loyalists ‘immoral’.

Mugabe’s land minister, Herbert Murerwa, who was also part of [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Lekopanye Mooketsi

MAUN: The trial date in the case in which the manager of Choppies store has been charged with insulting President Ian Khama, has been set for May 18.

The 36-year-old Unnikrishamn Bhaskaran pleaded not guilty. He is out on bail. The state alleges that Bhaskaran, from India, uttered words with intent to ridicule the status of the President of Botswana contrary to Section 91 (c) of the Penal Code.

According to the facts of the case, some time this month, Bhaskaran uttered words to the effect that his employee, Elizabeth Anderson, had to go and ask for permission to go to the toilet from Khama.

The state claims that the words were designed to ridicule the standing of the president of the country. The prosecutor in this matter is [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
20 April 2009

The three principals to the Global Political Agreement met in Harare on Monday to try and finalise a variety of outstanding issues that have been threatening the two month old inclusive government.

ZANU PF leader Robert Mugabe, MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara, leader of the other MDC formation, met to address the outstanding issues which include the swearing in of the provincial governors, the appointment of the Governor of the Reserve Bank and the Attorney General, the appointment of Permanent Secretaries and Ambassadors.

Last Friday, we reported that former South African President Thabo Mbeki was to be called to Monday’s meeting to clarify Mugabe’s powers in the inclusive government. But a senior aide to Tsvangirai denied that the three principals had called in Mbeki in. ‘We were actually surprised to read that from the press. Mbeki’s mandate on the GPA ended on the day the inclusive government was formed. Any other business to do with this government will be dealt with by SADC and the African Union, the guarantors of [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Rueben Pitse

Botswana police have roped in their counterparts from the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Ghana to chase the trail of millions of Pula fleeced from local tour operators by UK-based global credit card fraud syndicates.

Detective Assistant Selebatso Mokgosi told Sunday Standard that a number of local hotels, lodges and tour operators are being fleeced by fraudsters believed to be part of the UK-based multi billion pound credit card fraud syndicates.

“So far we have not yet arrested any suspect in connection with the case,” he said, adding that the Botswana Police Service had teamed up with their counterparts from Ghana, Britain and United State of America in conducting the investigation which he is optimistic they will crack.

New security measures recently introduced in the United Kingdom are believed to [continue reading]

source: Mmegi
Bame Piet
Staff Writer

Commissioner of Police, Thebeyame Tsimako, says there will be no clash between his officers and the agents of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services.

Addressing the press on Friday, Tsimako, in the company of his deputy, Kenny Kapinga, and assistant commissioners, Christopher Mbulawa and Solomon Mantswe, said that he was not aware of any clashes between the two, adding that they have different mandates that should compliment each other.

The police admitted that they were responsible for some of the recent shootings in which suspected criminals were killed. Kapinga said the police investigate every shooting and if it involves a loss of life they investigate with the same standard they always apply.

He said that they are required by international law to investigate police shootings.

However, he said that the Constitution provides for the police to shoot, where necessary including effecting an arrest. He disagreed with the notion that [continue reading]

source: BOPA
20 April, 2009

SEROWE – The Ministry of Local Government’s directive to further demarcate the Central District Council into three Administrative Authorities with nine Sub- Districts in order to bring services closer to the people is being implemented.

By the end of May 2009, Serowe and Palapye should be fully operational as Administrative Authorities while Mahalapye has been prioritized for operation in 2010/2011.

The Public Relations Officer in the Central District Council, Mr Sandy Mosarwa explained that P 87 745 620 has been budgeted for setting up the Serowe Administrative Authority which will be situated at the Old Sekgoma Memorial Hospital while the Palapye Administrative Authority will operate under the current Palapye Rural Administration Center (RAC) and Mahalapye Administrative Authority under the current RAC at the village.

Mr Mosarwa said that all three Administrative Authorities will operate under [continue reading]

source: IOL
April 20 2009 at 03:44PM

The world soccer body Fifa has won a court case against a Pretoria tavern which displayed the words “World Cup 2010” on various signage.

On Monday, a law firm working with Fifa said the High Court in Pretoria’s ruling against Eastwoods Tavern was the first against “ambush marketers”.

“It sends out a clear signal to any other organisation considering ambush marketing that they will suffer untoward consequences,” said Owen Dean, a partner at intellectual property law firm Spoor and Fisher, in a statement.

“Fifa… has the will, the team and the wherewithal to prevent ambush marketing.”

The Eastwoods Tavern, located close to Loftus stadium – one of the cup venues – had placed the legend “World Cup 2010” below its main sign on the roof.

It also erected banners featuring the flags of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
20 April, 2009

GABORONE – The government has been urged to address market failures in the provision of public goods that are essential to SMMEs development and reforming dysfunctional public policies and regulatory frameworks in the promotion of SMMEs development.

This was said by the Coordinator of Policy Research and Participatory Budgeting Programme, Municipal Developing Partnership, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office from Zimbabwe, Dr Takawira Mumvuma at the Botswana SMME conference and fair.

Dr Mumvuma said the business environment for SMMEs can be improved by both the central government and the local authorities by easing zoning regulations, establishing one stop shops and small claims courts, provision of the necessary infrastructure and promoting more [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

De Beers, the world largest diamond producer, said sales are rising “steadily” after demand for the diamonds plunged last year, Bloomberg reported.

“While still at lower-than-normal levels, diamond sales have been steadily increasing since the end of last year,” spokeswoman Lynette Gould said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. Cash flow was positive in March, and the Johannesburg-based company is “optimistic” about meeting annual goals, she said.

In February, De Beers suspended diamond mining at its Debswana joint venture in Botswana that produces a fifth of global diamond supply and said it would borrow $500 million from shareholders.

Shutting diamond mines and diamond cutting jobs may help De Beers, 45 percent owned by Anglo American Plc, to remain profitable even at “significantly lower level of sales,” Gould said. De Beers may save more than [continue reading]

source: BOPA
20 April, 2009

SEROWE – Residents of Mahalapye have expressed concern regarding the escalating crime rate in the village.

They said that most instances crimes are committed by youth who rob people of their belongings in broad day light adding that the situation gets worse at night, as houses, tuck shops and shops are robbed.

They expressed their concerns during Vice President Lt. Gen. Mompati Merafhe’s kgotla meetings at Thomadithotse, Madiba and Tshikenyega wards in Mahalapye last week.

Headman of Arbitration for Thomadithotse ward, Mr Bantsekae Gabatshwane supported by Mr Segwabi and other residents requested that corporal punishment be re-introduced.

“Whipping deviants on the back is the best medicine for putting them in line”, he said.

“It is the way our culture defines disciplining perpetrators because if they are carefully and properly whipped they will think twice about [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
by Morula Morula

A decision was taken that the P20 million complex, which used to be the ostrich abattoir, be turned into a multi species abattoir.

The Director of Animal Production, Lesitamang Paya, confirmed to Sunday Standard that the conclusion was taken after extensive consultations with ostrich farmers and other stake holders early this year.

The consultations started with the government, through the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dr Micus Chimbombi, telling ostrich farmers that government was concerned about the P20 million facility.

There were concerns that the facility was being neglected by farmers and that the government was not willing to continue supporting them by, among other things, repairing the facility and [continue reading]