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source: The Botswana Gazette
03 April 2009

Analysts have warned that Botswana will not be immune from the global economic recession which has put house prices on a free fall. The last interest rate cut and
expectations that rates will fall further will likely fail to put a stop to the falling house prices. Property prices are expected to fall on the background of a global recession and the number of vacant houses will fall as the year progresses.

An analyst at Motswedi Securities, Garry Juma has said market prices of property will fall and the areas where mining activity was centered will be hit hard and directly.
Juma said prices of property are determined by a function of a group of factors among them demand. “Inflation expectations have a bearing on property and will definitely put a margin on prices.

Right now banks are not in a rush to call back on loans but [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
03 April 2009

Two months into a coalition government an estimated 29 000 youth militia members loyal to ZANU PF are still on a government payroll and being listed as civil servants. This week Youth Development Minister Savior Kasukuwere, was quizzed by MDC parliamentarians on the use of the youths by government during the widely condemned and violent June presidential election run-off last year.

A new dimension to the issue erupted with revelations that up to 14 000 youths are still being listed under the Public Service Ministry, while another 15 000 fall under the Women’s Affairs Ministry. This brings the total number on the payroll to an astonishing 29 000. Kasukuwere’s answer in parliament was dismissed as unconvincing, after he claimed they were Youth Officers employed to work in different wards around the country.

With monthly allowances for civil servants pegged at US$100 it means nearly three million US dollars is being spent on paying youths whose only mandate was to terrorize opposition activists. This issue will [continue reading]