Anger as Mugabe prepares to attend EU summit

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
26 November 2010

There has been an angry reaction to Robert Mugabe’s planned attendance at a European Union (EU) summit in Libya next week, with the EU coming under fire for continuing to host a known human rights abuser.

Mugabe will be attending the EU-Africa summit in Tripoli next Monday, where ironically one of the issues to be discussed will be ‘good governance’. Under the main theme of Investment, Economic Growth and Job Creation, Heads of States and Governments will address key issues, like peace and security, climate change, regional integration and private sector development, infrastructure and energy, agriculture and food security, migration.

Mugabe has been officially invited to participate as a head of state, despite being the author of Zimbabwe’s economic, political and humanitarian destruction. It is his policies and [continue reading]

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