Another Zuma mediation effort starts in Zimbabwe

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
26 November 2010

South African President Jacob Zuma arrived in the country Friday as part of endless regional efforts to diffuse political tensions that have paralysed the shaky coalition government. His visit came two days after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai filed a High Court petition seeking to annul the unilateral appointments of provincial governors made by an increasingly intransigent Robert Mugabe.

Even as Zuma held meetings with the party leaders, political analyst John Makumbe predicted he would go back ‘with half-baked promises from Mugabe’ and the trip was just another ‘wild goose chase.’ Even the fact that Mugabe is the one who met Zuma at the airport sent out its own message. The mediation effort has been littered with deadlines set and deadlines not met and Mugabe has on most occasions reneged on promises, made even to his [continue reading]

  1. I wish for a hopeful future for South Africa, but as long as there silly arguments and knives in the back that will never happen.

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