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March 18, 2008 09:00am

OSCAR-winning director Anthony Minghella, who turned literary works “The English Patient,” and “Cold Mountain” into acclaimed movies, has died aged 54.

Minghella died yesterday of a hemorrhage following surgery.

Minghella’s publicist, Jonathan Rutter, said the filmmaker died at London’s Charing Cross Hospital. He said Minghella was operated on last week for a growth in his neck, “and the operation seemed to have gone well. At 5 a.m. today he had a fatal hemorrhage.”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who became friends with Minghella after the filmmaker directed a [continue reading]

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The Voice (Francistown)

13 February 2008
Posted to the web 14 February 2008


MultiChoice Africa, the leading pay-TV operator in Africa this week made one of the biggest single contributions to Africa’s digital future.

The company, which has established a world-class reputation for innovative offerings and pioneering technology, has now launched its record-breaking new product simply termed DStv EasyView.

With a super-affordable annual subscription fee of just P180 a year (that’s about P15 a month folks); DStv EasyView debuted in several markets simultaneously.

Speaking during a media breakfast get together on Tuesday morning, Multichoice-Botswana Publicity and Public Relations Executive, Tshepo Maphanyane said the newly launched product will offer viewers unprecedented mass market access to multi-channel, pay-TV services.

“It’s the first product of its kind ever introduced on the continent.”

She added that the bouquet is [continue reading]

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07 December, 2007

GABORONE – To fulfill its aim of commercialising this years music awards to generate profit, Botswana Musician Union (BOMU) has partnered with South African radio station Motsweding FM for its 2nd Annual BOMU Awards.

BOMU announced on Tuesday that the 2nd Annual BOMU Awards coming this Sunday would air live for the first time from the Gaborone International Convention Center (GICC), on South Africas Motsweding FM.

BOMU has partnered with the only vernacular station broadcasting to Setswana speaking audiences within its footprint to create awareness and promote local musicians and [continue reading]

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The Voice (Francistown)

6 November 2007
Posted to the web 6 November 2007

Naledi Mokgwathi

Launched four weeks ago, GTV has finally opened its office in Molapo Crossing for trade. The pay to view television was opened on the 27th of October.

GTV will offer 12 different channels, among them G-Prime, where audiences will have a chance to experience the best movies, comedies, drama, quiz shows, music shows and many more.

It’ll also have two music channels, MTV BASE and KISS. GTV also offers God channel which will be available for the more spiritual among us.

Sports fans will not be disappointed, as there are three sports channels on offer. The other channels are BBC World, Sky News, MGM movie channel, TV5MONDE and Aljazeera, (an English language news channel based in Doha, Qatar).

GTV Commercial Director, Rhys Torrington told The Voice that they [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

16 August 2007
Posted to the web 17 August 2007

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) last Sunday held the party Secretary General’s strategic retreat at Notwane Farms north of Gaborone.

Following that retreat, BDP executive secretary Dr Comma Serema was reported on Btv indicating that the party has resolved to improve lines of communications with the media, particularly the independent media. We welcome the ruling party’s new vision and the way of doing public business.

This is a welcome development in that the ruling party’s government has always tended to treat the independent media as political adversaries, and at times literally equating them to the opposition. More often than not, the BDP has characterised the independent media as an integral part of the opposition body politic.

On the other hand, we have been at pains to try and ally the ruling party’s fears. It is a generally accepted understanding that any ruling party, anywhere in the world, is bound to attract scrutiny and criticism from the media than the political parties outside power. This is simply because the decisions of a ruling party have direct and immediate impact on the lives of the governed.

As a matter of fact, we have always proudly regarded ourselves as partners in development, together with government. And we take that [continue reading]

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03 August, 2007

GABORONE – Biggie is back by popular demand and come Sunday, Batswana will be glued to their screens to find out who is the local candidate in the reality show.

Big Brother Africa II promises to be bigger, better and more captivating than the initial show which saw Botswanas Warona Setshwaelo holding her own against formidable opposition from the continent.

Multichoice Botswanas Public Relations Officer Tshepo Maphanyane has declined to reveal the identity of the local contestant.

“Come Sunday as all will be revealed, we do not even know if the person is male or female, and we are also dying to see that person,” was all she could say. However, the rumour making rounds indicate that the sole local candidate is a man.

The 12 contestants will stay in Biggies house for 98 days and will be on air on DStvs channel 37, 102 and 103.

Maphanyane said the 12 housemates have been chosen from Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After 98 days in isolation, one of them will win [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

3 July 2007
Posted to the web 4 July 2007

Monkagedi Gaotlhbogwe

Multichoice Botswana will soon face stiff competition from the rival pay television station, GTV, established by former Multichoice manager, Billy Sekgororoane, who told Monitor that the commercialisation of pay television will be done in the next six weeks.

The owners of the pay channel are going ahead even without the authorisation of the licensing authorities here. They told Monitor that they are establishing the station based on a judgment awarded to Multichoice by the High Court not long ago against the National Broadcasting Board.

GTV wants to offer ‘affordable rates’ of P180 or less while giving them popular entertainment such as the English Premier League soccer games and the Series A live matches.

Its quality and affordable services are expected to create a rush thereby giving the current sole provider of pay television services, Multichoice, a serious challenge.

Multichoice offers Dstv services at P355 for premier channels and P180 for a compact bouquet, which offers extreme sports, news channels and movies.

Sekgororoane says initially the Pay TV would start with ten own channels, including [continue reading]

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12 June, 2007

GABORONE – Odirile Vee Sento has grabbed the attention of UK based Afro Sound Promotions who are said to be interested in his music.

In an interview Black Money Makers stable manager Gilbert PP Seagile said Vee is set to play in the UK on June 21- 23.

He is scheduled to perform in three different towns alongside South African Afro-pop outfit Mafikizolo.

Afro Sound promotions he said got interested in Vee’s music after listening to his tunes at an African club which plays music from Africa.

He said demand has been growing, internationally, for Vees new album Kasiology.We have been selling a lot of music to UK residents on line. I think that has also contributed to the demand,Gilbert said.

Concerning media reports that Vee failed to move the UK crowds in the past, Gilbert said people should not believe everything they read.

He said some artistes peddle lies to the media to destroy the competition. Why would he be invited again if he did not make it happen? Vee is set for greater heights and the international community is recognizing his talent, Gilbert said.

He said local musicians should follow in the trendsetters footsteps. BOPA 

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

9 May 2007
Posted to the web 9 May 2007

The top 10 stage of the weekly Btv reality music show, Pop star Botswana, is presenting new challenges for both the director and the remaining contestants. For the director Keabetswe Master D Sesinyi, the next few weeks will be more demanding in that he will have to come up with original instrumentals on which the pop stars will be singing new songs.

Not only will Master D be responsible for programming of the music, he will also be writing at least 10 songs for the contestants until the winner is decided.

Master D is aware that contestants will need a beautifully crafted instrumental to inspire them.

The challenge for Master D is therefore not only to produce something that would be appreciated by the contestants but by the viewers as well. The competition has reached a critical stage whereby the producer of the instrumental could be blamed for poor performance by the pop stars due to the quality of the song given to the singers. As a lyricist, Master D will also write lyrics for [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

9 May 2007
Posted to the web 9 May 2007

Patricia Maganu

Hard to Explain is one of those movies where you watch, enjoy and end up hating because you see so much of your negative self in there. Believe it or not, it is a movie written, shot, produced and directed in the northern part of Botswana, in Francistown and Tutume.

Even though as Batswana we still fail to cut a long story short and get to the point, as it so happens in this movie, its producers managed to get away with it as they touched on a lot of issues that concern Batswana.

Enterprising Vincent Hove, the man behind this production, says that he had a set of issues he wanted to focus on in this movie and that he had accomplished most of them.

The 30-year-old principal director says the main issue was that of child support.

“When I was still looking for a woman to settle down with I would always ask if they had a baby, where the father was, and they would say: ‘O gatilwe ke terena’ (he’s been hit by a train) and I took that literally as I never knew what that meant until it was explained to me that they are just not available and not supporting the child,” he said.

Hove, who hails from Tutume, told Showbiz that this DVD is meant to encourage [continue reading]

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08 May, 2007

GABORONE – To keep the local film industry alive, Stuart White and Ernst Engels will present a documentary on Botswana since independence.
The documentary titled Botswana: A country of Contrast, focuses on the countrys development since independence 40 years ago.

The creative minds behind the documentary also brought us the musicals Annie and Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat.

The drama, dance and music driven documentary is based on a rags to riches theme adapted from last years musical Annie.

Annie is a heart-warming and entertaining rags to riches tale of an 11-year-old orphan who yearns for a better life outside the gates of the orphanage run by the mean-spirited Miss Hannigan.

Her life changes and her dreams come true when she is adopted by a millionaire.

The story of Annie is based on the cartoon strip Little Orphan Annie created by Harold Gray and turned into a musical by Martin Charnin.

The documentary A country of Contrast makes a connection between Annie living in an orphanage in depression time America and Botswana, a sunny country with [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

May 3, 2007
Posted to the web May 3, 2007

Chippa Legodimo

The latest addition to the growing kwaito-hip hop legion Thox, believes he is the next big thing in the local music industry. But the young artiste whose debut album is expected to hit the shelves tomorrow might wake up to find that there is still a long way to go.

Although he classifies his music as Kwaito, his album simply titled The Next Big Thing, is a mixture of hip-hop, kwaito and Afro pop.

Chances are it is going to be among the 2007 Kwaito hits, though toppling giants such as Vee, Mapetla and Eskimos will not be easy.

“I have explored a variety of genres, which gives listeners a choice. Anyone who knows music should be able to hear what a quality album I have,” the youngster said proudly.

Thox, whose real name is Matlhogonolo Tseleng from Maunatlala, says he has done his homework in the project and expects it to announce his arrival in a big way. Perhaps his optimism is justified. Many people who had a chance to hear his Afro Pop wedding song Semo tsere senatla on Botswana Television (Btv) Flava Dome have been wandering around looking for the video in music shops.

In this song Thox went the extra mile, starting with a poem, then the lyrics, which are followed by some traditional ululations and his rap lines. The song has definitely left a lasting impression.

According to him and his producer, Thebe Calvin Malipiti the three years spent working on [continue reading]