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source: BBC Sport

Fifa president Sepp Blatter

Blatter will appear on BBC One’s new Inside Sport programme on Monday

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has admitted football’s governing body has contingency plans in case South Africa cannot host the World Cup in 2010. South Africa’s preparations have been dogged by delays and there are fears its stadia will not be ready.

Blatter told BBC One’s new Inside Sport programme: “Other countries are ready to organise the World Cup”, although he implied they would not be needed.

Blatter cited a list of countries that could step in [continue reading]

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April 29 2007 at 02:17PM

The government has broken its own deadline for resuming the Lotto, said the Democratic Alliance (DA) on Sunday.

DA MP Pierre Rabie, the party’s spokesperson on trade and industry, said Minister of Trade and Industry Mandisi Mpahlwa had promised when suspending the Lotto that it would be operational again within one month.

“Now, one month later, still no progress has been reported,” said Rabie.

“If Minister Mpahlwa has any intention of restoring the Lotto to credibility, he needs to step up to his responsibility and outline how and when the clear and swift recovery of the national lottery will be done.”

Rabie said Mpahlwa and his department had made [continue reading]

source: IOL
April 30 2007 at 05:14AM

Lottery by numbers

# The first draw was held on March 5 2000.

# The total number of millionaires so far is 714.

# The total number of winning tickets is 310 137 815. The highest level of sales recorded in any draw was more than R80-million (Lotto and Lotto Plus) in draw No 543, for a guaranteed R30-million jackpot, on March 4 2006.

# Last year, the R1,2-billion raised by the lottery was distributed to 2 039 beneficiaries.

# Since its inception, more than R6,1-billion has been raised for good causes, of which R4,6-billion has been allocated.

# The average number of players per week is 6 300 000.

# The biggest guaranteed jackpot was on March 3 this year, at R35-million. Total sales for this draw were R75 483 553 and the jackpot was shared by nine players.

# The title of the biggest jackpot winner is held by a man in his late 50s from the west of Johannesburg, who won R34 256 346 after playing for only R50.

Source: National Lotteries Board annual report 2006 and NLB website.

o This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on April 29, 2007

Vee to be a father

source: The Midweek Sun

by Sun reporter

4/22/2007 10:00:09 AM (GMT +2)

Odirile Vee Sento is a proud father-to-be. The pint-sized kwaito-kwasa artist, who has been riding the crest of the wave in music circles, is also proving to be enjoying success off stage.

Vee as popularly known by his fans is expecting a son soon. He could not hide his excitement when contacted for comment by The Midweek Sun. He was over the moon and said it was the right time to experience such growth in his life.

“I am thrilled to be a father, it is high time I had to grow up at some point,” he said. He added that he should have an heir to enjoy the fruits of his sweat. “Ke tshwanetse go nna le mojaboswa,” he said with a giggle.

The mother of his child, is his girlfriend of five years, the 20 -year- old Kagiso de Klerk.

The 24-year-old Wamampela had a short stint in South Africa in 2005 where he cooked up his third album, Ntja Mme with [continue reading]

watch Vee’s Taku Taku video on YouTube !

Suppliers meet in SA
27 April, 2007

GABORONE – Southern African textiles and apparel producers and buyers are expected to meet in Johannesburg next month to foster trade links.
The two-day business to business event will be held from May 29-30.

It would bring together more than 40 company representatives from the African continent and buyers from Africa, Europe and United States .

A news release from Southern Africa Global Competitiveness Hub says the event presents opportunities to source textile, apparel and trim products from producers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

During the event, more than 300 meetings would be arranged between the participating companies.

The event is organised and supported by the USAID Southern Africa Global Competitiveness Hub based in Gaborone. BOPA

source: The Botswana Gazette

Botswana Television will have shortage of staff and end up relying on unskilled personnel due to the resignation of reporters The Gazette has learnt . Inside sources say more than five reporters will be handing over their resignation letters at the end of April and others will begin serving their notices. And some may leave immediately.

The Gazette understands the majority of the employees at BTv are unhappy with the way the station is being run. Their main complaint is said to be against one of their managers, who they claim has dictatorial tendencies and does not give them a chance to contribute towards the running of BTv. The other concern is that the reporters are not allowed to be news presenters and the manager in question prefers to use freelance newsreaders even though they are more expensive than in staff news people.

The Gazette is informed that the English news anchor, Reginald Richardson, and field reporter Linert Habana may be joining ETv in South Africa. John Motsatsing, who was transferred to Serowe, has left. Motsatsing was one of the vocal reporters who questioned the criteria used by senior government officials to choose reporters to accompany President Mogae on international trips.

Beauty Mokoba, who made news headlines when she was arrested and detained in Zimbabwe last year for allegedly filming a story without permission, will be joining the Water Utilities Corporation as Public Relations Officer. It is not yet clear where Janet Mudongo and the Jwaneng based reporter, Archibald Ngakaagae, are going but they are also rumoured to be part of the exodus.

Contacted for comment, BTv?s General Manager Banyana Segwe said she was not aware of any resignations from BTv. ?May be they are still planning to leave. All the resignations pass by my office before they go to the Director,? she said. Segwe said she is only aware of people who want to change roles within the department. She said another problem is that of lack of resources which they as management are also concerned about.

27 April, 2007

GABORONE – Delays in the disposal of cases has potential to undermine public confidence in Botswanas judicial system.

Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Mr Phandu Skelemani, warned at the start of high-level consultative meeting for the justice system that the situation could have far reaching consequences.

Mr Skelemani cited postponements of cases, shortage of human resources, increase in cases and legal and administrative constraints as some of the causes of delays in disposing off cases.

He said delays and backlog of cases have a negative impact on the flow of foreign direct investment into Botswana.

He also said the increase in the number of cases puts pressure on the courts, police and prison services, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney Generals Chambers.

He added that pressure on the judicial systems continued despite initiatives by government to provide the requisite infrastructure, human and financial resources. He called on the judiciary, legislature and executive to account for their decisions and actions.

It is expected that the same arms of government should be in a [continue reading]

source: BOPA
27 April, 2007

SEROWE – An environmental impact assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) to be built in Palapye will not disrupt its environs.

The Director of HERBCO Civil Engineering Consultants, Mr Kabelo Motswagole, told a consultative meeting in Serowe Wednesday that his company, government and the Water Utilities Corporation were working hand in hand to determine if the water pipeline from the Letsibogo Dam that passes through the BIUST plot will not be disturbed.

Responding to a question from one resident, Mr Steady Sethaba, Mr Motswagole, said should the study reveal that such construction will disrupt the pipeline, the authorities will have to consider the allocation of another plot.

Mr Motswagole also allayed fears that the establishment of the second university in the village, where there is the Morupule Colliery will have negative impact, as the smoke from the industry will affect university students and staff.

He explained that his team was working with the Morupule Colliery authorities to find out if the coal bed ran through the area where BIUST would be set up.

He also said the mining sector would do some exploration to establish whether the area has no mineral deposits. Should such deposits be found, he said, they will be valued to determine if to continue with the university or not.

Another resident, Mr Tshepiso Seesile, raised concern about some contractors who win tenders for projects of this magnitude, saying they tend to dispose waste indiscriminately.

He called for vigilance to guard against such tendencies and bring perpetrators to book.

Mr Kgomotso Boiditswe suggested the introduction of evening classes on [continue reading]

source: allAfrica
Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

April 26, 2007
Posted to the web April 26, 2007

The uneasy relationship between certain senior managers at Debswana and Managing Director Blackie Marole seems to be headed for a showdown with none of the parties compromising from their hardline positions on the restructuring exercise meant to start at the company head office next month. The bone of contention centres around the application of fixed term contracts agreed with cadres at A-C bands across the board.

Senior managers, most of whom are at the E band did not take kindly to this proposition. They felt it was not fair to them to be subjected to an across the board retrenchment package which they allege was not negotiated with them.

In a letter to management, the senior managers contend that the new fixed term contract will lead to loss of job security which they enjoyed in the permanent and pensionable contracts they had and as such they would want to be compensated for the loss.

The managers query the fact that the restructuring is only confined to Gaborone and not [continue reading]

source: IOL

April 26 2007 at 02:59PM

By Lee-Shay Collison

The Lotto is only expected to be up and running again at the end of June at the very earliest.

This comes as the department of trade and industry confirmed on Wednesday that the National Lotteries Board had asked for an extension of the deadline.

Trade and Industry Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa suspended the lottery at the end of March for a month.

This was after a Pretoria High Court ruling that the awarding of the lottery contract to preferred bidder Gidani had been flawed.

The trade and industry minister was ordered to review the process.

The latest news is likely to come as a major shock for regular Lotto players who [continue reading]

Company to focus European campaign on Italy & UK

By Avi Krawitz Posted: 04/26/07 09:51

Diamond polishing and marketing company Dalumi announced April 26, 2007 that it has started production at its diamond polishing factory in Botswana.

The move comes as Botswana, the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds by volume, seeks to diversify its activity in the industry. The country is participating in a six African nation summit this week in Angola aimed at achieving this purpoe throughout the region.

Rafi Yerushalmi, managing director of Dulami said, “Today Botswana is the world’s leading producer of quality gem diamonds. Combining our capabilities and know-how with cutting edge technologies will help to develop and boost Botswana’s role as well as Dalumi’s competitive advantage in the industry”.

Tel Aviv-based Dalumi currently employs 100 workers at the Botswana factory and is looking to double that by the end of the year.

Separately, Dalumi announced April 26, it would focus its 2007 European activities on penetrating the markets in the UK and Italy.

“In 2007 we aim to strengthen our presence within two strategic markets, UK and Italy, which have a strong potential,” said Yuval Kemp, director of marketing & business development at Dalumi. “We will promote two different projects such as Les Nuances and TYD which will enable us to bring new DJ concepts into those markets.”

The company will implement its ‘Tattoo Your Diamond’ project in Italy, and its Les Nuances in the UK.

In addition, Kemp said that Dalumi was chosen by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) to be one of two companies to launch DTC’s Forevermark pilot in Italy.

source: allAfrica
Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

April 25, 2007
Posted to the web April 25, 2007

Ryder Gabathuse

The First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) is in the process of establishing a business banking division to cater for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), a senior bank official said last Saturday.

Nixon Marumoloa, FNBB’s relationship executive in the corporate banking division, announced this at the Hospitality And Tourism Association of Botswana’s (HATAB) Open Season symposium held at the resort town of Kasane over the weekend.

He was responding to questions regarding what his bank was doing for the so-called ‘small banking customers’, especially those that have just set up businesses or individuals who have just started work.

“It’s not that we are simply sitting in Gaborone doing nothing. We are packaging a product targeting SMEs and people who have just gone into business,” Marumoloa explained.

He said FNBB was setting up a business banking division for the specific support of the small and medium business community and individuals.

“At the moment, we are actively involved in setting up things. Once the business banking division has been launched, we will take it to the people as a complete product as usual,” Marumoloa said to a round of applause.

One of the participants, who preferred anonymity [continue reading]

source: allAfrica

Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

April 25, 2007
Posted to the web April 25, 2007

Ryder Gabathuse

Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Minister Kitso Mokaila has said the cabinet will soon look into how Botswana can benefit from the 2010 World Cup in neighbouring South Africa. He said at the annual official opening of the tourism season in Kasane that the working committee charged with the task is due to make presentations to the cabinet.

“The matter of the 2010 World Cup is being taken to the cabinet as the committee needs facilities to run its campaign to host some of the teams participating in the World Cup, for their training and other needs,” he said at the function held under the aegis of the Hospitality and Tourism Association Board (HATAB). He pointed out that although countries have not yet qualified for the World Cup, the committee will bank on the history of teams that have in the past made it to the tournament continuously when doing its work. “We are therefore, talking to some multinationals to support our endeavours so that the country can benefit,” he revealed.

During the function, Mokaila emphasised that that the tourist operator C-permit is strictly reserved for citizens. “The tour operator business [continuer reading]

source: IOL

Aziz Hartley
April 25 2007 at 07:59AM

There are genuine concerns that South Africa may not be able to provide proper security for the 2010 World Cup, according to a new Institute of Security Studies (ISS) report.

ISS senior researcher and report author, Johan Burger, says high crime levels, a perceived struggle by police to contain crime and their clumsiness in restructuring the service, are leading to a serious distrust in their ability to safeguard the event.

Burger reports in the latest issue of SA Crime Quarterly, that while certain crimes had decreased, they were from a very high base.

“Murder, for example, decreased from 66.9 per 100 000 (people) in 1994/95 to 39.5 in 2005/06, but is still almost eight times the world average of 5.5.

“If the current reduction rate in murder is maintained, it will take approximately another 15 years to reach the international norm.

“The SA figure becomes even more disturbing if one looks at the real number [continue reading]

source: IOL

Babalo Ndenze
April 25 2007 at 08:40AM

The implementation of the Electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) has caused a backlog of at least 150 000 unregistered vehicles, which are idle in showrooms, said the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI).

Some Cape Town car dealers have had potential buyers cancel vehicle orders because of the delays.

Banks are also refusing to pay dealers because the vehicles are not registered and have not been tested as roadworthy, a prerequisite for a sale.

RMI chief executive Jeff Osborne said eNatis had also affected the truck and motorcycle industry negatively.

‘It’s been an absolute disaster’
“Most have run out of temporary permits. They last for 21 days. It’s affecting a combination of things (because) roadworthiness testing centres are also linked to eNatis.

“It’s causing a knock-on effect.”

He said the costs of holding vehicles already bought caused cash flow problems for dealers.

“Volumes are significantly down this month. Commission reliant on sales are also affected. It’s been an absolute disaster,” said Osborne.

He said the industry would quantify the financial damage caused by eNatis when [continue reading]