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source: allAfrica
5 June 2009

Johannesburg — Five African Heads of State have confirmed their attendance for the Word Economic Forum (WEF) scheduled for next week.

“Heads of State who had confirmed their participation included Presidents Jacob Zuma, Kenya’s Raila Amolo Odinga, Lesotho’s Pakalitha Mosisili, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and Zambia’s Rupiah Bwezani Banda,” said WEF Director Head of Africa Katherine Tweedie.

She was briefing media on Friday ahead of the three-day WEF which kicks-off on Wednesday in Cape Town.
Ms Tweedie said “almost the whole South African cabinet” as well as over 800 participants from 50 countries were going to attend the forum.
Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi are among some of cabinet members expected at the forum.
Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Arthur Mutambara is also expected.
She added that she looked forward to the dialogue between [continue reading]

source: BBC

More than 20 people have died in fresh violence in western Kenya since Friday’s agreement by government and opposition on a framework peace plan.

Some were killed by police, others were hacked to death by gangs or shot with poisoned arrows.

A church was burnt down by youths near the Rift Valley town of Eldoret.

The deal between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga aims to end bloodshed in the aftermath of December’s disputed elections.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said the rival parties had agreed a four-point framework for talks which should end the violence within the next two weeks.

But the BBC’s Matt Prodger in Nairobi says so far there is little sign that Mr Annan’s optimism is having much effect in the streets.

Slums on fire

Further clashes were reported in the western Nyanza province and in Anaimoi, a trading post in the Rift Valley’s Kericho district, where opposition MP David Too was shot dead by a policeman on Thursday.

In Kericho itself, mobs set fire to slum dwellings inhabited by members of Mr Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe, Reuters news agency reported.

“Let Annan do his bit but there’s going to be no resolution. The clashes will continue,” a youth manning a [continue reading]

source: International Herald Tribune

NAIROBI: Hundreds of Kenyans fearing new political violence fled the country’s west Wednesday, but the president urged refugees not to abandon their homes and insisted he would hold on to power despite allegations that he had stolen an election.

Diplomats worked to end a conflict that has killed more than 500 people since the Dec. 27 presidential vote. President Mwai Kibaki assured the visiting African Union chairman Wednesday that he was ready for dialogue, although he has resisted outside mediation and the opposition insists it will not negotiate without it.
Kibaki made his first trip to a trouble spot, addressing more than 1,000 refugees in western Kenya, many of whom had fled blazing homes and were pursued by rock-throwing mobs wielding machetes and bows and arrows.

“Do not be afraid,” Kibaki said at a school transformed into a camp for the displaced in the corn-farming community of Burnt Forest. “The government will protect you. Nobody is going to be chased from where they live. Those who have been[continue reading]

A glimmer of hope for Kenya

source: The Standard

Published on January 8, 2008, 12:00 am

By Standard Team

The United Kingdom pushed for a repeat presidential election as President Kibaki and Orange Democratic Movement’s Mr Raila Odinga, appeared to edge closer to the dialogue table, on the eve of the arrival of Ghanaian President Mr John Kuffuor.

Monday night, Kibaki — in a dispatch to newsrooms by the Presidential Press Service — invited Raila and five other members of his party to a meeting on Friday at 2.30pm “to dialogue on the stoppage of violence, consolidation of peace and national reconciliation”. Also invited are nine senior clergymen.

Earlier, Raila had raised expectations for a quick political settlement when he said ODM was ready for negotiations and dialogue to break the post-election impasse.

In the same vein, the party called off countrywide protest rallies planned for Tuesday to allow mediation talks to be conducted in [continue reading]

source: International Herald Tribune

KISUMU, Kenya: Oginga Odinga Street, the main thoroughfare in town, is a testament to rage.

Dozens of stores have been looted, torched and smashed by rioters and then picked clean by an army of glue-sniffing street children searching for whatever was left. The scorched Ukwala supermarket looks as if a bomb blew up inside it. The gates of Zamana Electronic are mangled.

People here say this is just the beginning.

“We will never surrender!” yelled a man who attended a rally for opposition leaders on Saturday.
“We want guns, guns!” another man added.
While much of Kenya is trying to get back to normal after a week of post-election violence that has claimed more than 300 lives nationwide, Kisumu, Kenya’s third-largest city, is still [continue reading]

source: Harald Tribune
By Jeffrey Gettleman
Published: January 3, 2008

NAIROBI: Nairobi degenerated into violence Thursday as the riot police used tear gas, batons and water cannons to push back thousands of opposition supporters who poured into the streets to answer a call for a million-person rally that had been banned by the government.

Later in the day, the Kenyan attorney general broke ranks with the president and insisted on an independent investigation into disputed election results, an indication of the growing divide within the government about how to solve a crisis that has ignited chaos and ethnic fighting throughout the country, killing more than 300 people.

Starting about 10 a.m., protesters burned tires, smashed windows and [continue reading]