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In a move that will briefly give the state full ownership of the country’s sole coal mine and associated works, the government is on the verge of acquiring De Beers’ interest in Morupule Colliery.

The Government intends to bring in a strategic partner to replace De Beers in a process calculated to ensure that Botswana has more control over the prized national asset whose supplies are key to the crucial 600-megawatt Morupule B project.

Presently, the government indirectly owns 50 percent of Morupule Colliery Limited (MCL), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Debswana, the diamond mining giant in which the [continue reading]

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12 March, 2010

PALAPYE – The over P500 million glass manufacturing project in Palapye is expected to be in full swing towards the end of 2011.

The project, which is a joint venture between the Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) and China, will produce float glass mainly for the construction industry.

Briefing the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Ponatshego Kedikilwe during his visit recently, the Principal Operations Officer for the BDC, Mr Isaac Nthomola said the preparatory work started last April.

This, he said, also entailed the environmental impact assessment, which ensured that they were eligible for a mining licence.

As for raw materials, Mr Nthomola noted that the project would get the silica sand from Mmamabula, coal from Morupule while they are [continue reading]

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13 November, 2009

PALAPYE – The Construction industry in Palapye is said to be experiencing an acute shortage of bricklayers.

This was revealed by the construction companies officials during random interviews.

Some of the officials said the shortage of bricklayers has negatively impacted on the status of their projects.

Mr Fobby Radipotsane of China Civil, a company contracted to construct a multi million Pula Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) confirmed that they are experiencing a shortage of bricklayers.

He said the problem was due to a boom in the construction industry in Palapye.

I believe you are aware that Palapye is witnessing a boom in [continue reading]

source: Republic of Botswana (25/10/08): TAUTONA TIMES no 33 of 2008
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President “Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline”


[Salutations]…Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. Allow me at the onset to express my gratitude to the Managing Director of Stanbic Bank and his team for inviting me to officially open this Palapye Branch of Stanbic Bank. I am informed that the Palapye Branch will now be one of the seven in the country.

2. We all know that Stanbic Bank is a relatively new comer to Botswana having opened the first operation in 1992. However, with operations in 18 African countries and 20 in the rest of the world, it is not by any measure a small financial institution.

3. The Standard Bank Group of South Africa of which Stanbic Bank is a member, is a very well [continue reading]

source: BOPA
09 October, 2008

PALAPYE – FC Palapye, has secured sponsorship deals from two leading companies in the area.

The club has received P25 676 sponsorship from Makoro Brick, a brick making company on the outskirts of Palapye.

The team, which is campaigning in the North First Division, will be transported to official games in Letlhakane, Orapa, Francistown, Sua, Maun and Selibe Phikwe at a cost of P10 400.

The team has also received two playing kits, tracksuits and soccer boots worth P15 276.

The secretary of FC Palapye, Mr Brown Kgobe, said the sponsorship came at the right time and will help them to improve their performance in the league. “We are very happy about the sponsorship,’ he said.

An official of Makoro Brick, Mr Ronnie Hough, said they decided to sponsor the team as part of their social responsibility programme, adding that they are [continue reading]

source: Reuters Africa

By Muchena Zigomo

JOHANNESBURG, Sept 9 (Reuters) – Morupule Colliery, Botswana’s sole coal producer, should complete an initial study for a planned 900,000-tonne-per-year increase in output ahead of schedule, its Chief Financial Officer said on Tuesday.

The colliery, a subsidiary of Debswana Diamond Company, recently launched the project to increase production to 4 million tonnes a year by 2011.

“We’re currently at the pre-feasibility stage and we expect to finish a little ahead of time, possibly by the end of this year instead of February next year as planned,” CFO Frank Mookey told Reuters at a CoalTrans conference in Johannesburg.

The project is expected to provide the coal for the anticipated expansion of the Botswana Power Company’s Morupule Power Station, due to be completed in 2010.

The power plant intends to raise its generating capacity to 720 MW from 120 MW, helping to ease critical power shortages in [continue reading]

source: Standay Standard
05.08.2008 9:17:03 A

Stanbic Bank of Botswana is widening its operations within the country by opening yet another branch in Palapye within the next 10 days as its tries to position itself closure to the mining and government driven economic activities in the northern parts of the country.

The new branch is expected to open its doors to customers on April 11, this year as the bank is also positioning itself for the new guard that will be approved by the board towards the end of this month.

Dannies Kennedy who has been at the hem of the bank for nearly 10 years will have seven branches before he leaves at the end of the month. The plan is in line with Bank Governor’s ambition which is aimed at localizing the financial institutions which is increasingly putting Capital Bank, Bank of Gaborone, First National Bank of Botswana and Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana under an intense pressure.

Stanbic first opened shop in Botswana in 1992 and it has been steadily growing and [continue reading]

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In its quest to attain national economic diversification, the Botswana Development Corporation’s (BDC) investment portfolio on commercial and industrial development grew to P1.32 billion in 2007 from P1.2 billion in 2006.

Some of the latest projects under implementation in the current financial year include expansions of a tile manufacturing entity and a can manufacturing company, both located in Lobatse.

These investments are worth P108 million and P76 million respectively, BDC Managing Director Kenneth Matambo said this on Monday at a dinner the corporation hosted to bid farewell to outgoing President Festus Mogae.

The Corporation is also involved with some foreign investors in a float glass manufacturing business worth P539 million to be located in Palapye.

Raw materials for glass manufacture like silica sand, quartz, quartzite, limestone and soda ash are available in abundance in Botswana. The glass plant in Palapye has [continue reading]

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PALAPYE: The Botswana Small Business Council (SBC) board on Tuesday met members of the business community here in a bid to hear their concerns regarding the impediment that hinder their businesses.

The three-year old SBC brought along experts in tax, labour relations, and in company formation and company registration. The Chairman of the SBC Palalani Moitlhobogi said the board does not always have answers to questions asked by businesses; that is why they brought experts with them.

The SBC was set up in 2004 as a high level advisory body chaired by a member of the private sector within the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) community.

It draws its membership from government ministries, parastatal bodies and institutions inclined to small businesses. The board brought along members of [continue reading]

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PALAPYE: The board of Small Business Council (SBC) hinted on Tuesday that it would soon commission a study on what is impeding the growth of the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) sector in Botswana.

A member of the board Dr Howard Sigwele told a group of businesspeople from Palapye and surrounding areas that they will be approached for information during the study. Sigwele was speaking after the businesspeople raised concern about laws and statutory instruments that hinder growth of the private sector.

A businessman raised concern on Value Added Tax (VAT) saying it puts an administrative burden on small businesses. “VAT could have started selectively: it affects all small businesses,” said the businessman.

All Botswana businesses registered for VAT have to file tax returns every two months. Failure to do so attracts a penalty of P50 everyday until the returns are made. Since its [continue reading]

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SELEBI-PHIKWE: The auctioning of Palapye Development Trust has been averted. The district officer for Palapye, Mooketsi Lesetedi, confirmed to Monitor but said he cannot divulge any information surrounding the whole issue.

“I cannot say anything beyond that because there are still some internal issues going on. For now I can only confirm that there is no auction sale,” says Lesetedi.

NDB was scheduled to sell the land last Friday because the trust has failed to pay the bank loan for the construction of the newly opened mall behind BP filling station.

It has been reported that the trust got a P6.1millon loan from NDB to construct the mall and that the Trust debt to the bank has accumulated to about P9 million because the Trust could not afford to pay monthly installments of over P100, 000. On top of that, it is reported that the trust also owed the contractor over P100, 000 despite that an [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

PALAPYE: Palapye Development Trust is up for sale for alleged failure to pay a National Development Bank (NDB) loan for the construction of the newly opened mall behind Palapye BP Filling Station.

According to the advertisement in the Botswana Gazzette’s ‘In the matter between section”, the sale of the land will take place on November 30. Attached property include the tribal land plot 7384, measuring 4828 square metres include BP filling station, Quick shop, Southern Fried Chicken take away together with four separate toilets and a tarred parking area.

Some of the Trust’s board members were shocked to see [continue reading]

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24 October, 2007

PALAPYE – Though some youths have benefited from the governments youth grant, they are frustrated by sky-rocketing office rentals that result in their businesses failing to flourish, as anticipated.

One of the youth grant beneficiary, Ms Seteng Ntesang of Mateisi Textiles in Palapye, told the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Maj. Gen. Moeng Pheto that her business was doing well but cited exorbitant rentals as her undoing.

Minister Pheto had embarked on a tour of the youth projects on Monday. Ms Ntesang said she would vacate the premises she has been operating from at the beginning of November because her landlord has doubled the monthly rental from P300 to P600.

I will not be able to pay that kind of money she is charging because this business is relatively new and it is still taking off the ground, she said.

She was however confident that the enterprise, which kicked off with a P50 000 grant would be a success should she find a proper place to operate from.

Right now I am struggling with office space otherwise I can make a profit of P5 000 in a good month. The business deals with [continue reading]

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20 August, 2007

PARLIAMENT – Parliament on Friday adopted two motions from MPs, Mr Boyce Sebetela and Mr Robert Molefhabangwe, of Palapye and Gaborone West South, respectively.

Mr Molefhabangwes motion calling for the establishment of an industrial capital was passed after an amendement.

The amendment replaced the words, an industrial capital in Palapye where it would be easy… with, industrial and commercial hubs as a strategy..

MPs said the change would afford the whole country an equal opportunity instead of concentrating on a specific place.

Another adopted motion calls on Parliament to request government to develop and implement a national citizen contractors skill/capacity rating system to guide procurement preference schemes in central government, local government in pursuit of citizen economic empowerment.

The mover, Mr Sebetela, also called for a national non-citizen contractors physical presence rating system to deal with briefcase establishments.

Citizen contractors continue to be marginalised by foreign companies with no established offices in Botswana, said Mr Sebetela.

He said they need to see the physical presence of these foreign companies, as their briefcase mentality is working against economic diversification.

Mr Sebetela said non-citizen contractors should be made to realise that for them to tender in the country, they should partner with citizen contractors, as has been the case with other neighboring countries such as Namibia and South Africa.

He said the government should also [continue reading]

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A motion by Member of Parliament for Gaborone West South Robert Molefhabangwe requesting government to consider establishing Palapye as the country’s industrial capital has caused major divisions in parliament.

Some members of parliament disagreed with the motion accusing people from Central District, especially from Serowe/Palapye, of trying to take all developments to their area. They cited the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), expansion of Morupule Power Station and Mine as major projects that will change the face of Palapye so there is no need for additional projects.

Assistant Minister for Trade and Industry, also MP for Boteti North Lebonaamang Mokalake did not hide his displeasure at the motion, saying the reasons raised by Molefhabangwe are not valid.
Tabling the motion, Molefhabangwe said ‘Palapye has plenty of land and it is near the Morupule Power Station. It is also nearer to the four major dams in the northern part of the country and it will be cheaper to do business there”.

Mokalake argued that the main reason why Botswana does not attract investors is because of poor work ethics, an inadequate skilled workforce, and an inefficient government bureaucracy, among others.

He said the reasons advanced by Molefhabangwe are not valid since Palapye is also experiencing a shortage of land. He said that the bulk of the land in Palapye was leasehold and is owned by [continue reading]