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source: BOPA
17 April, 2009

KASANE – Chobe District is under immense pressure to rescue Satau residents from the floods that are threatening to submerge the settlement.

The floods, which are caused by a spillage from the Chobe River, have completely surrounded the settlement, making the movement in and out of Satau difficult.

Already one person drowned after a boat he was travelling in together with three others capsised.

Chobe District Officer for administration, Mr Orapeleng Modimoopelo said the floods now threaten to get into residential places.

“We have been trying to evacuate those who are severely threatened by the water,” he said.

He said roads leading to Satau were all covered by floods, adding that [continue reading]

source: BOPA
17 April, 2009

TONOTA – Tonota police have charged several drivers who were either found guilty of driving vehicles which were not roadworthy or for overloading of goods or passengers during the Easter holidays.

Station commander, Superintendent Reuben Mphoeng said in an interview that generally road users were compliant with the traffic regulations and fully cooperated with police officers manning the roads.

Superintendent Mphoeng however stated that 12 drivers were fined P500 each for overloading, a practice, which is dangerous for the driver, his passengers and [continue reading]

source: ZimNews
author/source:Daily Telegraph (UK)
published:Sat 18-Apr-2009
posted on this site:Sat 18-Apr-2009

Harare – Zimbabwe’s deputy prime minister pledged on Friday to act against illegal farm seizures as he ordered invaders to leave one farm amid claims that Robert Mugabe and a top politician were behind a fresh invasion.

Arthur Mutambara accused the invaders of “reaping where you did not sow”, breaking the law, and destroying the economy, while glaring at policemen and telling them to uphold the law. He also called one of Mr Mugabe’s loyalists “immoral.”

Mr Mugabe’s land minister, Herbert Murewha, was forced to endure Mr Mutambara’s volley of anger when he [continue reading]

source: BOPA
17 April, 2009

GABORONE – Local Entreprise Agency (LEA) has been reminded that it will only be considered a success if there is noticeable competitiveness of SMMEs in the country.

“Government would only say LEA is successful when there is promotion of citizen entrepreneurship and development of a competitive SMME community,” Vice President Lt Gen. Mompati Merafhe says.

Also, the agency should help in diversification of the economy away from dependence on diamonds and creation of sustainable employment opportunities.

Officially opening the Botswana Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Conference and Fair in Gaborone yesterday, he stated that the agency is already making its [continue reading]

source: Financial Gazette
Friday, 17 April 2009 14:43

BATTLE lines have been drawn against the inclusive government in general and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in particular, as his allies in the civic society mounted an attack this week to derail the constitution making process.

The Financial Gazette can reveal that the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) this week started canvassing for support from members of the Broad Alliance, including the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), to reject the proposed new constitution at a referendum expected early next year.

There is concern within the civic society that ZANU-PF and the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations want to impose the Kariba draft, albeit with minor adjustments, on the people through a 25-member Select Committee appointed on Sunday to steer the constitution making process.

Since its formation in 1997 the NCA has been pressing for a [continue reading]