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10 November 2010
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Botswana’s minister of environment, wildlife and tourism is the most recent government official to make disparaging remarks about the Kalahari Bushmen.

In an interview with the BBC, Kitso Mokaila said, ‘I don’t believe you would want to see your own kind living in the dark ages in the middle of nowhere as a choice, when you know that the world has moved forward and has become so technological’.

Mokaila’s remarks are the latest in a long line of insults by government officials, and are an indication of the deep-rooted racism towards the Bushmen.

The president of Botswana, Ian Khama, made similar comments in 2008, describing the Bushmen’s hunting lifestyle as ‘an archaic fantasy’. Last year, a South African woman was arrested for remarking that Khama ‘looked like a Bushman’.

Khama, a board member of Conservation International, has banned the Bushmen from accessing a well which they rely on [continue reading]

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Close to 9, 000 jobs were created in the economy between March and December 2009, underlining the resilience of the private sector and vindicating government’s budgetary support during last year’s recession.

The latest official data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates that the private and parastatal sectors grew by 4, 665 jobs between March and December last year.

The data indicates growth was registered in sectors like Construction and Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Trade as well as Real Estate, all of which directly or indirectly benefited from the government’s P10.6 billion development budget in 2009/10.

The CSO statistics show that [continue reading]


8th November 2010

From: Dr. Jeff Ramsay, DPS Media for BGCIS

Please find below –

Republic of Botswana (8/11/10) Tautona Times Special Edition – 2010 State of the Nation Address (Full Text)

Below please find in plain text the full text of the 2010 State of the Nation Address, which was delivered this afternoon by His Excellency Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President of the Republic of Botswana –


OF THE TENTH PARLIAMENT – “Delivering People Centred Development”


Madam Speaker, before I begin I would request that we observe a moment of silence for [continue reading]

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President Ian Khama has advised people to take refuge in The Bible when hurt by the media, which he accused of abusing freedom of expression to spread rumours and lies.

In his State of the Nation speech yesterday, Khama said the fact that freedom of expression is precious does not mean it should be misused to mislead or abuse others.

Khama, whose disdain for the local media is well known, said there is a line between holding people and institutions accountable and spreading rumours and untruths.

“This type of conduct, whether done by politicians, academics or [continue reading]

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November 10 2010 at 12:06am

Cape Town – The government will have to make key decisions “soon” if it is to meet its target of new nuclear power capacity by 2023, Eskom chief executive Brian Dames said on Tuesday.

Briefing journalists in Cape Town, he said South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for electricity envisaged 9000 megawatts of nuclear in the power mix.

“It’s a long lead time,” he said. “If you want new capacity in 2023 we would need a decision soon in order to make that.”

Asked what this decision-making would involve, he said a nuclear plant needed a site, which required a significant amount of geotechnical studies.

“South Africa’s fortunate in that Eskom has done a lot of
[continue reading]

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BSE-listed tourism concern, Chobe Holdings, has joined a growing list of Air Botswana castigators, labelling the national carrier’s sub-standard service as the single biggest challenge to the growth of the tourism industry in the country.

Announcing their financial results for the six months ended 31 August 2010, Chobe said Air Botswana’s failure to offer internationally acceptable service and its monopoly of routes into Northern Botswana was to the detriment of their business, which was heavily dependent on reliable air transport.

“The biggest challenge the tourism industry faces within Botswana remains the often sub-standard service rendered by Air Botswana, the only air carrier allowed to service the tourist industry in the Okavango,” said Managing Director, Jonathan Gibson.

“This situation has been further exacerbated by the [continue reading]

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Cindy Shiner
10 November 2010

Leaders in the business, development, health and research communities are gathering this week in Washington, DC, to plan how to more effectively deliver healthcare through mobile technology in the developing and developed worlds.

The three-day mHealth Summit: Research, Technology and Policy aims to advance the discussion around ways mobile technology can increase the access, efficiency and effectiveness of health systems.

Mhealth stands for mobile-based or mobile-enhanced health solutions. “It’s basically making health wireless,” Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation, told a recent teleconference.

“It’s a simple but groundbreaking idea that global wireless networks and mobile devices – whether they be cell phones, smart phones, mobile-enhanced diagnostic devices – can be powerful vehicles for delivering innovative medical and health and services to the [continue reading]

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‘Our Zim policy in tandem with SADC ideals’

President Ian Khama says Botswana’s policy calling for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe is in consonance with the current regional position taken at the last two Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) summits.

He said contrary to media reports that Botswana has changed her position (which was against lifting of sanctions) there is nothing untoward about it, as Botswana has been consistent with earlier decisions of SADC on Zimbabwe sanctions.

“Own reasons for wanting the sanctions lifted are [continue reading]

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The Nation (Nairobi)
Wene Owino
9 November 2010

Gaborone — President Ian Khama of Botswana said yesterday that he wants sanctions against Zimbabwe to be lifted to deny ZANU-PF the “lame excuse” it uses to undermine the unity government formed with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC.

He said Botswana wants sanctions lifted to help provide a conducive climate for the Global Peace Agreement (GPA) to succeed and because ZANU-PF chooses to use the sanctions as an excuse not to fully deliver within the process they are a part of.

“This lame excuse should be put to the test,” President Khama told the Botswana Parliament in his state of the nation address.

He said that contrary to media reports, his country has not changed its position on Zimbabwe.

Botswana has been one of the most vocal critics of President Robert Mugabe and [continue reading]

Kgafela attacks media

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Greg Kelebonye
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Bakgatla Paramount Chief, Kgafela II has lambasted the media for spreading wrong information about him.He was addressing a kgotla meeting yesterday.Kgafela spent six days bvehind barsafter his bail was revoked by Village Regional Court.

Bakgatla Paramount Chief, Kgafela II, could have passed for a church minister when on Sunday he borrowed the monotone of the clergy as he implored his tribe to pursue peace with all people.

Kgafela, who was addressing multitudes of his people a day after Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo awarded him bail, implored his tribe not to hate government and judicial officers who participated in [continue reading]

8 November 2010

South African retailer Pick n Pay announced this week that it had signed a franchise territorial agreement with retail franchising group Retail Masters in Mozambique to further extend its African footprint.

According to Pick n Pay group enterprises head Dallas Langman, the group planned to open its first store in March 2011: “We have signed a master franchise agreement with Retail Masters for Mozambique which will provide us with the essential benefit of expert insights into the local market,” he said in a statement this week.

Opening in Maputo, the first Mozambican store will be approximately 3 000 square metres in size. Pick n Pay envisages opening a further three stores before the end of 2011. The first four stores will open in [continue reading]

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Lekopanye Mooketsi

Moladi, a cost-effective building technology was launched at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) on Thursday. This is a building technology that has been adopted from South Africa.

Speaking at the launch, one of the representatives of the company, Dithologo Mmile, said the Moladi formwork construction system is an alternative to the conventional “brick and mortar” method of constructing houses.

According to him, it has been shown that with Moladi, the cost of construction can be reduced by 40 percent. Mmile said because housing development typically involve the [continue reading]

source: News24
2010-11-08 15:06

Johannesburg – Drivers on South Africa’s roads commit traffic offences on a daily basis, but the planned demerit point system would dramatically curtail these infringements, BP Ultimate and the South African Automobile Association (AA) revealed in a survey on Monday.

A staggering 76% of drivers on SA roads commit traffic offences daily, the survey noted.

Road safety analyst Lawrence Barit said that after drunken driving and fatigue, offences like skipping orange or red lights, not obeying yield signs and the disobeying of other road signs could be said to be the third largest cause of [continue reading]

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Shrenuj Botswana, a subsidiary of the Indian diamond giants Shrenuj and Company Group, is set to open Botswana’s first diamond jewellery manufacturing plant, thus putting the country on the road to becoming a regional diamond centre.

In an interview with Business Week, General Manager Kim Lanny said in Gaborone that the P30 million jewellery manufacturing operation at the Diamond Technology Park “will open later this month,” first producing jewelleries for the United States of America (US) market and later for the Southern African region.

“From the 16 DTC Sightholders, Shrenuj Botswana was the last company to start working in Botswana. However, it has become the first to expand through the diamond pipeline (Diamond manufacturing to fully-made jewellery). We are proud of it and I believe it shows our [continue reading]

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by Sunday Standard Reporter

Tour operators this week angrily blamed the national air carrier for bad representation in the eyes of the travelers as their profits staggered in a year that was expected to have brought a windfall in the regional tourism industry.

“As noted before, perhaps the biggest single challenge the tourism industry faces within Botswana remains the often substandard service rendered by Air Botswana, the only scheduled air carrier allowed to service the tourist in the northern Botswana.

“This situation has been further exacerbated by the discontinuance of the direct Johannesburg/ Maun/ Johannesburg route, occasioned by our Civil Aviation Authority’s refusal to allow foreign-based airlines to compete with Air Botswana on this route thus necessitating an en-route diversion and stop in [continue reading]

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