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06 August, 2007

PARLIAMENT – Palapye MP, Mr Boyce Sebetela, on Friday moved a motion without notice proposing that an Gaborone West South MP, Mr Robert Molefhabangwe, has tabled a motion requesting government to consider establishing an industrial capital in Palapye, where it will be easy to address problems of shortage of land, power and water, which are a hindrance to economic development.

Mr Sebetelas proposal was that the word capital on the current motion be replaced by hub whilst the whole text remained unchanged.

Before tabling the motion, Mr Sebetela, said it was appropriate that Palapye be established as an industrial capital since records show that about 15 years ago the village was considered ideal for a hub.

He noted that at the time there was also a proposal to have a trans-Kgalagadi railway line which was to connect Palapye to Namibia and South Africa. He said Mr Molefhabangwes motion was only calling for a revisit on what was discussed in the past.

He said the village was strategically located and that there were projects such as the coal cleaning plant to be commissioned late this year, which would attract investors.

The legislator further said for Botswana to be a player in todays complex and global economy, tough decisions should be made.

In modern global economy there is no such thing as Botswana is competitive nowadays people talk of areas which have been provided with infrastructures. “I’m sorry we don’t have much of a choice but to create our own Luxemburg”, he said.

Gaborone Central legislator, Mr Dumelang Saleshando, said members of the House were not opposed to the principle of the establishment of the capital but that the bone of contention was that the motion predetermines where the hub should be established.

He then proposed that Palapye be [continue reading]

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Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

30 July 2007
Posted to the web 30 July 2007

By Bame Piet

There were mixed reactions in Parliament to a motion tabled by MP for Gaborone West South, Robert Molefhabangwe requesting Government to consider the establishment of an industrial capital in Palapye where it will be easy to address problems of shortage of land, power and water.

These are often a hindrance to economic development in urban areas as prospective investors end up looking elsewhere due to high costs and scarcity of such raw materials and factors of production.

He said that Gaborone is sandwiched in small districts that have no land. He believes that Palapye will be a suitable place.

He said the town was centrally located and nearer to the three main dams in the north of the country as well as the Morupule Power Station in the village which is scheduled to undergo expansion in the near future.

He added that the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) would also benefit from the town.

Molefhabangwe further said that such an establishment would benefit about 500,000 residents in the central district and will be nearer to Walvis Bay in Namibia. He added that there are tourist sites in the area.

MP for Ramotswa-Tlokweng, Olebile Gaborone supported the motion saying that it will contribute to fairer distribution of resources in the country.

Being from Tlokweng where there is an [continue reading]

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30. July 2007

By Kesentse Ketumile

PARLIAMENT – Member of Parliament for Gaborone West South says Palapye should made an industrial capital as its strategic location would make it easier to address the problems of shortage of land, power and water, which are a hindrance to development.
MP Robert Molefhabangwe was presenting a motion in parliament on Friday calling for Palapye to be designated an industrial capital.
“These problems are a hindrance as prospective investors end up looking elsewhere due to high cost and scarcity of such raw materials and factors of production.” he said.
He said Palapye was centrally located and easily accessible to all the borders with neighbouring countries.
Mr Molefhabangwe also stressed that Palapye was an ideal place as people from areas surrounding Palapye, access different amenities such as water, electricity and road infrastructure from it.
“Gaborone has no land for further expansion, as it has encroached into the territories of Batlokwa, Bakwena, Bakgatla and Balete,” he added.
The Botswana National Front legislator argued that developing Palapye, which was already home to Botswana’s second university, could solve land-related problems that government and Gaborone residents had to contend with.
Supporting the motion, Mr Olebile Gaborone, the MP for South East North, said the motion called for the avoidance of centralising developments in one area.
Mr Gaborone said by spreading developments countrywide, not specifically to Palapye, the government would help create jobs for many Batswana.
“By taking some industries and services to [continue reading]

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20 April, 2007

PALAPYE – Morupule Colliery is to commission construction of a coal wash plant estimated at P87 million to enable the company to produce good quality coal.

The mines manager, Mr Cletus Tangane, said at the ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday, that Morupule Colliery sat on a coal field which has an estimated 15 billion tons of coal, which, at the current rate of extraction would deplete in 15 000 years.

Mr Tangane said late last year, the company entered into a contract with South Africa DRA Plant Design and Control Engineers to construct a wash plant which was expected to be operational by the end of the year.

He said the wash plant would process coal to remove coal by-products such as ash that was of no benefit to coal users.

Therefore, Morupule Colliery would be selling a finished product that has an increased value.

Morupule Colliery has been able to penetrate the Southern African Development Community market and was supplying graded coal to Zimbabwe, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr Tangane said Morupule Colliery recognised the need for good environmental governance and was [continue reading]

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19 April, 2007

PALAPYE – Palapye MP Boyce Sebetela has adviced his constituents to gear up for the advent of free trade in the SADC region.

The era, the MP told a kgotla meeting at Boikago ward on Monday demanded very high work ethics such as efficiency and productivity.

Once SADC free movement of goods, services and people takes effect in the region beginning next year, Mr Sebetela said, it will be ursher in an era of tough competition for markets, among others.

Liberalisation of markets, the MP who was once assistant minister for Finance and Development Planning said, was not a theoretical thing as some people believe.

He said all Batswana should embrace the challenges presented by the free movement era and be prepared to compete with businesses from other SADC countries.

Mr Sebetela said by 2010 government protectionism as expected by the SADC protocol on free movement will cease to exist.

This, he said calls for local businesses to start positioning themselves and working hard to reap the reward presented by the huge market opportunity of the 14 member states.

On other issues, he informed residents that with the coming to an end of the Cotonuo agreements this year, Botswana beef will now face stiff competition for the lucrative European market.

This therefore, he said means that farmers should supply the Botswana Meat Commission Cattle with quality cattle.

He implored all Batswana with field and boreholes which have been abandoned to [continue reading]