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May 03 2007 at 09:49AM

By Wesley April

The officials who are supposed to use the government’s new licensing computer system are even more frustrated than the apparently endless queues of irate motorists.

The National Traffic Information System (eNatis) is slow and crashes often and it is taking the licensing staff longer to help a single customer.

Some people have taken several days off work in an effort to get to the front of a queue at a time when the system is up and running.

Metro Police spokesperson Kevin Maxwell said: “On a daily basis the system is slow. At this stage if it does go down, we don’t have a back-up plan [continue reading]

source: IOL
May 03 2007 at 01:59PM

Government has asked the public to be patient while the problems with the new electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) are being worked out.

Transport Minister Jeff Radebe briefed the cabinet about the problems following the introduction of eNaTIS last month, government spokesperson Themba Maseko said at a post-Cabinet meeting media briefing on Thursday in Pretoria.

He said consultants and specialists were working to “identify and address all the hiccups. It is important to note that the problems are not generalised problems, they are taking place at certain points of service in specific areas around the country”.

Backlogs, technical glitches and shaky, slow systems have been reported at testing stations around the country.

Maseko said the system was already performing 55 000 transactions an hour, much more than the 35 000 the old system was able to handle.

“Cabinet noted the frustration experienced and calls on the public to exercise patience during this period as the new system will bring great benefits both to the public and the authorities in the long term,” he said. – Sapa

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Babalo Ndenze
April 25 2007 at 08:40AM

The implementation of the Electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) has caused a backlog of at least 150 000 unregistered vehicles, which are idle in showrooms, said the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI).

Some Cape Town car dealers have had potential buyers cancel vehicle orders because of the delays.

Banks are also refusing to pay dealers because the vehicles are not registered and have not been tested as roadworthy, a prerequisite for a sale.

RMI chief executive Jeff Osborne said eNatis had also affected the truck and motorcycle industry negatively.

‘It’s been an absolute disaster’
“Most have run out of temporary permits. They last for 21 days. It’s affecting a combination of things (because) roadworthiness testing centres are also linked to eNatis.

“It’s causing a knock-on effect.”

He said the costs of holding vehicles already bought caused cash flow problems for dealers.

“Volumes are significantly down this month. Commission reliant on sales are also affected. It’s been an absolute disaster,” said Osborne.

He said the industry would quantify the financial damage caused by eNatis when [continue reading]

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24/04/2007 19:18  Р(SA)

Johannesburg – Government’s new electronic national traffic information system eNaTIS had processed more than two million transactions by Tuesday while receiving heavy criticism for slow service and backlogs from the motor industry.

Department of transport spokesperson Ntau Letebele on Tuesday said the system was processing an average of 13 transactions per second and 45 000 to 60 000 per hour.

“Since April 12 to date we’ve done 2.3 million transactions in total – this means people are getting services on the system.”

Interventions had been implemented to improve performance over the past week to cope with high demands and the slowness of the new system, he said.

Backlogs, technical glitches and shaky, slow systems have been reported since the system [continue reading]

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18/04/2007 19:58 – (SA)

Johannesburg – At least 600 000 people had accessed services on the upgraded transport information system by 13:00 on Wednesday, said the transport department.

“That is phenomenal,” the department’s safety promotions manager Ntau Letebele said.

Letebele acknowledged that the system was still shaky in some areas like Johannesburg and Pretoria.

“Our technicians are working on it…to make the system stable”.

The best-performing stations were Windsor Park in Durban with 4 259 transactions, 3 793 in Tshwane Central RA, 3 291 in Johannesburg and 2 722 in Bloemfontein.

‘Please be patient?’

Vehicle-testing stations, vehicle-registering authorities [continue reading]

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17/04/2007 21:31 – (SA)

Pretoria – Hours after transport minister Jeff Radebe gave the upgraded transport information system the “all clear” on Tuesday, vehicle testing and licensing stations in Johannesburg and Pretoria still were not up and running.

The new service was electronic and meant traffic-related transactions could be done through automated-teller machines (ATMs) and the internet.

Radebe gave the system the “all clear” at a launch in Midrand on Tuesday.

“There is no reason that members of the public cannot go to the dedicated sites,” he said.

However, Tshwane metro spokesperson Alta Fourie said the system was going on and off.

“It starts and then goes off. So, all our drive-through centres will be closed for the whole week to avoid traffic problems,” she said on Tuesday.

Public asked to be patient

Technicians were attending to the problems, but she did not know when the system would be up and running again.

In Johannesburg, metro chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar said: “No learner’s licences, no driver’s licences, no renewals.”

He called on the public to be patient.

“The stations are experiencing technical problems. We don’t know [continue reading]

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April 17 2007 at 05:00AM

By Janine du Plessis

Major vehicle licensing and registration hiccups are set to hit the much vaunted eNatis system which will officially be launched by the government in Midrand on Tuesday.

Late on Monday night Tshwane Metro Police admitted that none of the licensing centres in the city would be up and running or even able to switch to the spanking new electronic licensing, testing and registration system.

The new system – which replaces the 14-year-old Natis system – is supposed to improve service delivery to thousands of drivers.

None of the city’s stations – at Waltloo, in Andries Street and Centurion – will be open for business.

This means the city will still not have any [continue reading]

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source: IOLRadebe to officially launch eNatis

Transport Minister Jeff Radebe will officially launch the much awaited eNatis system in Johannesburg on Tuesday 17 April 2007.

The eNatis system utilises state-of-the-art technology that will assist to register, store, record, manage and enforce the requirements of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) and the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR).

The system will ensure that all infringements are centralised within its database to provide improved service with regard to the payment of traffic fines, etc and will be compatible with a variety of anticipated enhancements. – Sapa

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Xolani Mbanjwa
April 12 2007 at 04:47AM

The long laborious queues at testing and licensing centres will (hopefully) be a thing of the past from Friday as motorists will be able to pay traffic fines, register vehicles or book licensing tests in the comfort of their homes or offices through the Internet.

While motorists who had booked their learner’s and driver’s licence tests this week were left irate as all licensing and testing centres are closed, the department of transport has promised that service delivery at these centres will improve with the installation of the new electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis).

However, motorists who have been evading payments of their traffic fines will now have to settle these as traffic officers will now be able to see a motorist’s traffic record – including every traffic fine – on the spot .

In the past, motorists got away without paying traffic fines incurred from [continue reading]

source: IOL
April 04 2007 at 11:45PM

Traffic information will be managed online from mid-April, the transport department said on Wednesday.

The changeover to the electronic system would start on Thursday and be officially launched by Transport Minister Jeff Radebe on April 17, said spokesperson Ntau Letebele.

He said the existing National Traffic Information System (Natis) records vehicle registration and licensing; records and manages the licensing of drivers and learner drivers; circulates details of stolen vehicles; and records SA Bureau of Standards safety decisions.

It administers R3-billion a year and is used at more than 1 753 sites throughout the country, doing about 40 000 transactions an hour.

‘The new driving licence booking system will validate examiners’
However, it was now 14-years-old and had “severe technical limitations” when it came to the department’s strategic plan, said Letebele.

The new electronic system (e-Natis) would have enhanced law enforcement capabilities and would allow people to do transactions over the Internet and using ATMs instead of physically visiting traffic departments.