Africa: Mobile Phones `Powerful` in Promoting Health, Advocates Say

source: allAfrica
Cindy Shiner
10 November 2010

Leaders in the business, development, health and research communities are gathering this week in Washington, DC, to plan how to more effectively deliver healthcare through mobile technology in the developing and developed worlds.

The three-day mHealth Summit: Research, Technology and Policy aims to advance the discussion around ways mobile technology can increase the access, efficiency and effectiveness of health systems.

Mhealth stands for mobile-based or mobile-enhanced health solutions. “It’s basically making health wireless,” Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation, told a recent teleconference.

“It’s a simple but groundbreaking idea that global wireless networks and mobile devices – whether they be cell phones, smart phones, mobile-enhanced diagnostic devices – can be powerful vehicles for delivering innovative medical and health and services to the [continue reading]

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