First diamond jewellery plant to open

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Shrenuj Botswana, a subsidiary of the Indian diamond giants Shrenuj and Company Group, is set to open Botswana’s first diamond jewellery manufacturing plant, thus putting the country on the road to becoming a regional diamond centre.

In an interview with Business Week, General Manager Kim Lanny said in Gaborone that the P30 million jewellery manufacturing operation at the Diamond Technology Park “will open later this month,” first producing jewelleries for the United States of America (US) market and later for the Southern African region.

“From the 16 DTC Sightholders, Shrenuj Botswana was the last company to start working in Botswana. However, it has become the first to expand through the diamond pipeline (Diamond manufacturing to fully-made jewellery). We are proud of it and I believe it shows our [continue reading]


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