UK Zims urge no deportations before elections

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
29 October 2010

Zimbabwean exiles in the UK have urged the British government not to deport any failed asylum seekers back to Zimbabwe before elections are held there next year.

About 300 Zimbabweans gathered at Lancaster House in London this week for a meeting to hear a senior Home Office official Phil Douglas answer questions on the sudden ending of the government’s four year moratorium on sending home failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers. Douglas dismissed fears that the move would influence the decision of a team of judges presently considering the Zimbabwe test case on returns, and insisted that independent courts would continue to decide on individual asylum cases.

According to UK based Zimbabwe pressure group, The Vigil, few Zimbabweans at the meeting were satisfied by Douglas’ explanations. According to a statement “there was laughter,” when Douglas said that returnees could ‘relocate’ to different areas. Many people expressed fears of [continue reading]


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