SA Airline grumble over flights to Okavango delta

source: Mmegi

Failure to resolve a dispute over the lucrative air route between Johannesburg and Maun – the nearest airport to the Okavango swamps – means that neither South African Express nor Botswana Air is flying the route.

Botswana Air’s servicing of this route was terminated from October 1 and it is now only flying from Gaborone, which means that visitors to one of Botswana’s top tourist attractions have to stop off at Gaborone to get there.

South African Express CEO Inati Ntshanga told MPs yesterday that this “sad state of affairs” was due to the failure of negotiations to acquire equal access to the route.

South African Express was granted the right to fly from Johannesburg to Maun last year but this was later denied when Botswana’s aeronautical authority decided it was not ready to cope with a [continue reading]

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