BSE to become a private company

source: Sunday Standard
by Prof Malema

The Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) is being fast tracked into a company with limited liabilities to pave the way for it to be demutualised in future, in line with other exchanges in the developed markets, government said this week.

Junior Finance and Development Planning Minister, Charles Tibone, told Southern Africa Private Equity Roundtable at GICC that plans are in motion to revamp the existing capital market laws, including changing BSE from a “statutory body to company”.

“This change will pave way for Botswana Stock Exchange to be demutualised at a future point in time,” he said.

The move follows expert advice offered to government by Edward-Nathan Sonnenberg Consultants in 2007, who called for BSE to be made a private company adding that other legislative pieces need to be harmonized to ensure that all market players are regulated to enhance confidence in [continue reading]


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