Taxi rank out of bounds to miniskirts

source: Mmegi

FRANCISTOWN: The Francistown bus and taxi rank is becoming a dangerous place for women in high hemlines, despite the police promising to keep an eye on the situation.

In an undeclared war on the high hemline, taxi drivers here often gang up to attack any woman who, in their dim view, is dressed indecently. Alternatively, such women are booed, insulted and even stripped.

In the latest incident a week ago, two young women clad in short dresses escaped by a whisker when they were chased by a yelling mob of taxi drivers and their conductors at the rank. Some students joined the fray in the midst of catcalls as soon as the two hapless women entered the rank from Nswazwi Mall.

A few moments later, it seemed everyone at the rank could not resist the urge to join in the craze. To their credit, the women focused on a combi which whisked them away before the mob could get to them.

Said Julia Saturday, a vendor who operates at the rank: “They are lucky. They should have been stripped. How can they come to the rank dressed like that? They [continue reading]


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