Phikwe Council Owed P1.7m

source: Mmegi
Calistus Kolantsho

SELEBI-PHIKWE: Expatriates and prominent members of the community here are among 4,200 people who owe the Selebi-Phikwe Town Council P17 million in service levy arrears going back many years as at September 2010.

The revelation was made by the council’s Chief Physical Planner and Housing Estate Management Officer, Lazarus Kolanyane, in an interview with The Monitor last week.

The staggering amount is an accumulation of between P23 and P25 a month in service levy that adds up to P93,401.00 a month.

Kolanyane said some people started to default in their payments after they were retrenched by BCL Mine and could not afford to pay.

“According to my observation, the problem emanates from the way this town was [continue reading]


  1. mabengano

    The town council is equally responisble because they fail to issue bills so that clients can pay on time. The only time a client gets to know is ONLY when the matter is published in newspapers.
    Show me the bill and I will pay in time!

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