SA plan compels Aviva to `reassess` Mmamantswe

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

In the wake of negative outcomes from South Africa’s recently released draft Integrated Resource Plan 2010 (IRP2010), Australian resource development outfit, Aviva Corp, says it is re-assessing its 1000 megawatt (MW) coal-fired plant and coal export project at Mmamantswe in the Kgalagadi District.

The project’s success is hinged on South Africa’s IRP2010, a policy document guiding that nation’s energy development, import and consumption plans over the 20-year period to 2030. Eskom and other state energy entities will use the IRP2010 for the procurement and planning decisions through to 2030. Aviva had been hoping IRP2010 would have provision for Independent Power Producer (IPP) supplies of fossil fuel from Botswana within the timeline of Mmamantswe’s proposed development.

It was highly likely that such an outcome would have [continue reading]


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