Zimbabwe: Zuma`s Dialogue Facilitation Team Jets in

source: allAfrica
The Herald (Harare)
Published by the government of Zimbabwe
14 October 2010

Harare — South African President Jacob Zuma’s talks facilitation team jetted into Zimbabwe yesterday to review progress in inter-party dialogue between the Global Political Agreement’s three signatories.

Sadc appointed President Zuma to facilitate dialogue between Zanu-PF and the two MDC formations.

The South African leader in turn established a team to assist him with the task.

The agenda of this week’s meetings and the duration of the team’s stay could not be established yesterday.

Arriving at a Harare hotel yesterday, team member Ms Lindiwe Zulu — who is President Zuma’s adviser on international relations — declined to issue a public statement. The parties have disagreed on [continue reading]


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