SA Home Affairs urged to speed up Zimbabwean applications

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tererai Karimakwenda
08 October 2010

A group of representatives from Zimbabwean organizations in South Africa met with officials from that country’s Department of Home Affairs to try and resolve the problem of long queues at application offices. The ultimate goal was to ensure that Zimbabweans who need to legalize their residency status in South Africa meet the December 31st deadline set by the government.

Nqabutho Dube, the MDC-M secretary in Johannesburg, told SW Radio Africa on Friday that the meeting was productive in resolving the procedural matters that will allow faster processing of the applications. But he was concerned that some of the important legal issues that affect applications were not concluded.
Dube said the South African delegation was led by the Home Affairs Director General, Methuni Aplein, who has been under pressure to meet the deadline. Zimbabweans were represented by the [continue reading]


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