Goats-for-sale attract `undercover` agents to UB academic

source: Mmegi

When University of Botswana (UB) academic, Motsomi Marobela placed an advert to announce that he is selling goats, he was not aware that he was inviting state security operatives to harass him. But this is exactly what happened.

It started when a ‘potential’ buyer called persistently but failed to honour two meetings. But when they finally met yesterday, Marobela had a harrowing experience at the hands of two men who identified themselves as ‘undercover intelligence agents’ from the military.

He said he realised the men had something up their sleeve immediately he laid eyes on them. Even though they were not in uniform, he could tell they were from the security agencies. One of the men was a giant with a green t-shirt that emblazoned ‘army’ in front. Marobela said the man was armed with a revolver and had a communicating gadget on his wrist. He said he realised that the men were not interested in buying goats and sensing danger, he decided to have no [continue reading]


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