Zimbabwe: Broadcasting Authority told to license more stations

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tererai Karimakwenda
7 October, 2010

The state owned Herald newspaper reported on Thursday that government had urged the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) to license more radio and television stations, in order to provide remote areas of the country with access to information. The comments were made by Media and Information Minister Webster Shamu at a BAZ strategic planning workshop, held in Harare on Wednesday.

Shamu is quoted as saying: “Universal access to broadcasting services has remained on the government’s wish list for the past two decades, but regrettably little progress has been made in that direction.” Shamu gave no explanation as to why the government had not made progress in over twenty years, when all that is required is for them to issue invitations for license applications. A number of community, church and commercial radio stations would be ready to start broadcasting very quickly.

The Herald is known as a mouthpiece for ZANU PF. The paper refuses to run MDC adverts and only promotes ZANU PF policy. So when Minister Shamu told delegates at the [continue reading]


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