Africans Urged to Be Ready for Increased Investment

source: allAfrica (Washington, DC)
Charles W. Corey
28 September 2010

Africa is the “last frontier of international investment,” and Africans need to be ready to make choices and take action to take advantage of this situation, according to Christopher Gardner, founder and chief executive of the Chicago-based brokerage company Gardner Rich LLC.

In addition to his financial career, Gardner is also a best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is probably best known as the inspiration for the acclaimed film The Pursuit of Happyness, based on his 2006 autobiography.

Homeless and the sole guardian of his young son in the early 1980s, Gardner refused to give up on his dreams. He climbed the financial industry ladder from the very bottom. Today, as the chief executive officer of his own brokerage firm, he is tireless in [continue reading]


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