Zimbabwe: Documents Demand – Embassy Fails to Cope

source: allAfrica
Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)
Brian Chitemba
24 September 2010

Hundreds of locals living in South Africa are struggling to get legal documents because the Zimbabwean embassy and consulate in that country are failing to deal with the huge influx of illegal immigrants, a group involved in discussions with Pretoria over the issue has said.

The South African government has given Zimbabwean immigrants, estimated at between 1,5 to three million by different oganisations, until year end to regularise their stay or face deportation.

Those with illegal documents have an amnesty, as long as they manage to obtain a Zimbabwean passport and register with South African authorities before 31 December.

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF), a Pretoria-based group that deals with immigrant rights issues, said yesterday the process has been marred by congestion, poor communication and neglect of [continue reading]


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