Businesses Expect Internet Costs To Drop, Survey Shows

source: Mmegi

More than 90 percent of the African business decision-makers were confident that that Internet and related technology costs would drop and competition would dramatically increase as a result of the rush of new undersea cables connecting to the continent, the latest ‘Telecoms Trends in Africa 2010’ report has stated.

The report, released by World Wide Works and Database 360, also revealed that most African countries remained heavily reliant on slow or expensive forms of connectivity, such as dial-up and satellite, but that they were starting to migrate to broadband.

Database 360 interviewed 1, 100 Internet-using small, medium-sized and large business across 20 African countries. World Wide Worx analysed the data and compiled the report. Database 360 MD Louise Robinson said that there was “little doubt” that the very nature of businesses was changing in this new connectivity era. “It’s amazing to see how the level of Internet usage shoots up wherever the new undersea cables have landed and fibre optic networks have linked the cables to [continue reading]

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