Air Zim spends $400m on new aircraft

source: SW Radio Africa
by Irene Madongo
20 September 2010

The government’s decision to spend US$400m on purchasing aircraft for Air Zimbabwe, as workers strike over pay, show the government has failed to balance priorities, an economic commentator has said.

More than 40 pilots have been on strike because of the non-payment of allowances and salaries owed to them, estimated at US$1.2 million. The airline says their demands for more than US$1,200 per month are impossible to meet. The job action continues with no resolution in sight, amid reports that management had fired the striking staff. However on Sunday it was reported that the government paid US$400 million for two new Airbus A340-200 aircraft, to service Air Zimbabwe’s long-haul routes such as China and the United Kingdom.

On Monday, economic commentator Masimba Kuchera of the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development, said of the purchase: “It comes at the backdrop of salaries not being afforded to pilots and other airline workers, and it is a shame. There should be a balance between replacing the fleet and [continue reading]


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