Rogue company buys BP Botswana

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter

BP has clinched a deal to sell its Botswana operations to Trafigura, a multinational company, which has been linked with worldwide accusations of bribery, sanction busting and smuggling and improper waste disposal. BP announced earlier this year that it would be pulling out of Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Namibia, following the company’s strategic review. BP Botswana is the largest oil company in the country. It has 30 fuel stations and lucrative contracts with Air Botswana, the BDF, BCL, Debswana Mines and the Central Transport Organisation (CTO).

The deal will make Trafigura the biggest oil company in Botswana.

BP Botswana General Manager, Mahube Mpugwa, would not discuss the deal to sell to Trafigura and instead referred all enquiries to Christine Martmann of [continue reading]


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