New coal finds promise 2.8 bn tonnes

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Five new coal sites uncovered by local and international geologists could hold 2.8 billion tonnes of coal, thousands of times more than the country’s current coal production of about one million tonnes per annum.

The country’s sole coal producer, Morupule Colliery Limited, holds 83 billion tonnes of coal in its concession area. The latest finds indicate that Botswana’s estimated 212 billion tonnes of coal are spread across the north and east of the country.

According to Analytika Holdings’ Director, Alan Golding, the new and undeveloped coal sites include Sowa Pan, Dukwe, Lechana-Tshimoyapula, Moiyabana and Takatokwane.

Although in the past geological tests have taken place in the five areas, local geological firm, Analytika, teamed up with the Prospecting Licence (PL) holders of the finds to upgrade resource studies. By further drilling, sampling and studying of [continue reading]


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