Zimbabwe: Chegutu farm burned down by land invaders

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
16 September 2010

A farmer in Chegutu has become the latest victim of the continued onslaught against the commercial farming community, after her property was burned down by land invaders this week.

Catherine Jouineau-Meredith’s Twyford Farm was burned to cinders on Tuesday by the ZANU PF senator who has led violent attacks on the property since last year. Senator Jamaya Muduvuri moved on to the property in March after successfully evicting Jouineau-Meredith, who was ordered to leave the farm and fined US$200 for occupying it “illegally”.

As a French citizen Jouineau-Meredith is meant to be protected by a bilateral investment protection agreement, signed between France and Zimbabwe. But this BIPPA, like others meant to protect foreign owned land in Zimbabwe, has been completely ignored. Jouineau-Meredith also has a High Court order from 2007 that recognised her rights to the farm. But again, the total disregard for the rule of law in Zimbabwe means the court order has offered no protection against illegal land invasions.

Senator Muduvuri has already looted the once productive farm of all its crops and equipment and Jouineau-Meredith wrote this week that the fire was the final end of Muduvuri “gutting” the property. She wrote; “It has taken one year for my profitable farm to become a totally abandoned land where no crop has been planted and the home has [continue reading]


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