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source: Mmegi
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The country’s year-on-year inflation, as measured by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), slid 0.3 percent to 6.7 in August, aided by the reduction in fuel prices during the month.

Government reduced retail pump prices for both petrol and diesel by 13 and 25thebe per litre respectively on August 9, while the price of illuminating paraffin was cut by 37thebe per litre. The Department of Energy Affairs said the reductions represented an effort to normalise prices following “a heavy” increase in fuel prices in May.

The August inflation figure marks a return to the below seven percent inflation range seen in the first quarter of [continue reading]


source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
16 September 2010

ZANU PF will never handover power to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, even if he wins next year’s elections, Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa said on Wednesday.

‘Who is Tsvangirai? He will never rule this country. Never ever. How can we let the country be ruled by sell-outs. He will only do so over our dead bodies. If we go to the polls and he defeats Mugabe, ZANU PF and the people of Zimbabwe will not allow that,’ Mutasa has been quoted as saying.

The ZANU PF politburo member and MP said this at Bota business centre in Zaka, Masvingo province, where he was officiating at an agricultural field day organized by the South East Growers Association.

Over the years Mugabe and his cronies have frequently labelled Tsvangirai a ‘puppet’ used by one-time colonial power Britain to try to bring down the regime. But the former trade union leader insists he is [continue reading]

UB employees down tools

source: Mmegi
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Yesterday, University of Botswana (UB) staff, now in their third day of strike, delivered a petition to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bojosi Otlhogile, demanding that the positions of UB professors be elevated to those proposed for the directors of human resources, financial services and information technology.

The petition stated that this parity should be done with a view to ensuring that these “super” directors lead the support staff salary structure whilst the professors lead the academic salary structure, in line with the decision of UB council.

“This will help attract and retain world class staff, in line with our UB vision of being a centre of excellence in Africa and the world,” the petition says.

“The proposed salary caps should not be less than those of the current or existing salary caps so as to maintain staff morale and productivity,” the petition read.

Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) president, Gadzani Mhotsha, who read the petition, rejected the Global Consult Report on posts that were not filled in [continue reading]

source: News24
2010-09-16 19:34

Johannesburg – Hospital network Netcare’s board of directors “fully supported” their CEO Richard Friedland, who has been charged with offences related to illegal organ transplants.

“The allegations against Netcare and Dr Friedland have been thoroughly investigated by independent attorneys and senior counsel engaged by Netcare,” the board said in a statement on Thursday.

“The board has been advised that the allegations made are unjustified and that neither Netcare nor Dr Friedland are guilty of any wrongdoing.”

The board confirmed the CEO had been charged.

“Netcare, Netcare Kwa-Zulu (Pty) Ltd and [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
16 September 2010

A farmer in Chegutu has become the latest victim of the continued onslaught against the commercial farming community, after her property was burned down by land invaders this week.

Catherine Jouineau-Meredith’s Twyford Farm was burned to cinders on Tuesday by the ZANU PF senator who has led violent attacks on the property since last year. Senator Jamaya Muduvuri moved on to the property in March after successfully evicting Jouineau-Meredith, who was ordered to leave the farm and fined US$200 for occupying it “illegally”.

As a French citizen Jouineau-Meredith is meant to be protected by a bilateral investment protection agreement, signed between France and Zimbabwe. But this BIPPA, like others meant to protect foreign owned land in Zimbabwe, has been completely ignored. Jouineau-Meredith also has a High Court order from 2007 that recognised her rights to the farm. But again, the total disregard for the rule of law in Zimbabwe means the court order has offered no protection against illegal land invasions.

Senator Muduvuri has already looted the once productive farm of all its crops and equipment and Jouineau-Meredith wrote this week that the fire was the final end of Muduvuri “gutting” the property. She wrote; “It has taken one year for my profitable farm to become a totally abandoned land where no crop has been planted and the home has [continue reading]