Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai agrees not to contest 2011 poll result

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
13 September 2010

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has agreed not contest the result of the nest election, after he and Robert Mugabe agreed that the poll will be held next year.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai said over the weekend that the polls will be held next year. He said on Saturday that he had agreed with Mugabe that “whoever loses (the next election) should make way for the winner.” He was speaking at a ceremony to mark his MDC-T party’s 11th anniversary and told supporters that he and Mugabe agreed to take advantage of the ‘prevailing peace’ to hold elections.

“When I last saw President Mugabe he said the prevailing peace was ideal for us to go for an election and this time we agreed that whoever loses should make way for the winner,” Tsvangirai said.

Political commentator Professor John Makumbe told SW Radio Africa on Monday that Mugabe and Tsvangirai’s agreement not to oppose the result will mean nothing to Mugabe’s loyal security forces. He said that the security forces “will rip an agreement like this to shreds to ensure a result they want.”

“Tsvangirai has put the MDC in a difficult position because if ZANU PF once again rigs the election, then the MDC won’t have room to contest it,” Makumbe said. “Tsvangirai has [continue reading]


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