Zimbabwe: Analysts predict chaos if Mugabe dies in office

source: SW Radio Africa
By Tichaona Sibanda
7 September 2010

Analysts have predicted that Zimbabwe would be thrown into serious political turmoil if long time President Robert Mugabe dies in office.

In recent weeks news of Mugabe’s allegedly failing health has dominated many newspaper columns around the world because recent pictures of Mugabe showed him walking unsteadily and requiring the assistance of aides to negotiate stairs. But the 86 year-old ZANU PF leader’s health has been a closely guarded secret for decades.

Notwithstanding his advanced age and ‘deteriorating’ health Mugabe, nevertheless appears determined to seek re-election in the next poll, once the redrafting of a new constitution is complete next year.

Academic and political researcher Clifford Mashiri told us this scenario increases the chances that he might die in office, or due to old age will become incapable of performing the duties of his office, by reason of mental or physical incapacity.

‘There is a danger that if he (Mugabe) dies while still in power, there are chances the country will be left in disarray as factions in ZANU PF fight to gain control of power. What is clear after 30 years of Mugabe at the helm of ZANU PF is that the party is incapable of [continue reading]


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