Govt to accelerate CSO transformation

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Kenneth Matambo, says the transformation of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) into a fully-autonomous body will be prioritised as staff members cry foul over delays in the project.

While the Statistics Act – the vehicles for transforming the CSO into an autonomous Statistics Botswana – was passed in December 2009, little progress has been made on the ground, much to the ire of staffers who feel in limbo. By contrast, the Competition Act, which entered Parliament and was also passed by legislators in December, is in the process of being fully operationalised, with seven commissioners, including a chairperson, being appointed recently. The Competition Commission is presently headhunting for a CEO. The Statistics Act also envisages a board overseeing committees dealing with 13 forms of statistics guided by a National Statistical System and producing data according to international best practice. However, the board is yet to take shape. The Statistics Bill and the Competition Bill – Bills Number 18 and 17 of 2009 respectively – are both seen as essential building blocks and key ingredients of other progressive economies around the world. At a staff meeting yesterday, Minister Matambo was put under pressure by disgruntled CSO staffers who said the delay in effecting the new [continue reading]


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