Zimbabwe: Jamming of SW Radio Africa broadcasts continues

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
06 September 2010

Since Wednesday there has been intermittent jamming by Robert Mugabe’s regime of short wave broadcasts from SW Radio Africa. Using a heavy noise like a slow playing record, some of our programming and news bulletins have been drowned out.

Experts say jamming radio broadcasts is expensive to do and you need a lot of power. Last week our sources said the Central Intelligence Organisation, which falls under the President’s Office, is running the operation.

The Zimbabwe National Students Union criticized the jamming describing it as ‘an attempt to subvert a people’s right to receive and impart information as prescribed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which Zimbabwe is a signatory.’ The union said it had hoped the inclusion of the MDC in government ‘was a buffer against such authoritarian tendencies’ but it seemed ‘politicians are of [continue reading]


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