South Africa: Zim deportation decision slammed

source: IOL
Xolani Mbanjwa
September 03 2010 at 06:44AM

Civil rights groups have reacted with outrage and anger at the cabinet’s decision to end the special dispensation for Zimbabwean nationals living in South Africa and have warned that the “callous” decision could result in their persecution if deported.

Government spokesman Themba Maseko on Thursday announced that undocumented Zimbabweans would have until the end of the year to get “proper” permits or face arrest and deportation from January 1.

This was the result of an agreement between South Africa and Zimbabwe’s home affairs ministers, he said after Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.

Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis saw a special dispensation approved that allowed people fleeing the country to enter South Africa and work for up to three months before renewing temporary permits. However, now “we believe some sort of stability has returned to [continue reading]


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