Transport fares up

source: Mmegi
Baboki Kayawe
Staff Writer

The Department of Road Transport and Safety has announced an increase in public transport fares with effect from September 1. This development falls on top of the two percent Value Added Tax adjustment earlier this year.

The fares increased again following a price adjustment in 2008 when there was a reduction due to stabilised fuel prices.

A shared taxi will go up from P3.20 per person to P3.50.

The ‘special’ fare will be P17.60 per trip from P16.00. Minibuses, commonly known as ‘combis’, will charge each person P3 per trip, a 30 thebe increase from P2.70. A long distance trip on a bitumen road will cost 18.55 per kilometre from 16.86 and a long distance bus trip on a gravel or sandy road will be P20.52 per kilometre from P18.65 thebe.

A statement from the Department of Road and Safety announces that the [continue reading]

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