Google Search now in Setswana

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Linguist Dr Thapelo Otlogetswe together with some professionals has created a Google Search interface tool that allows a user to access Google in Setswana.

In an interview with Mmegi yesterday, Dr Otlogetswe said working together with Pontsho Puoesele, who works for an IT company in Botswana, Gao Mosweu, an employee of the Innovation Hub, they created the Setswana version of Google search. They also worked with 10 University of Botswana (UB) final year students, it has been revealed.

For every user in Botswana, the home page that comes out when you open the Google search engine website,, you will be met by the Setswana-written homepage.

“It’s like a window that you use to look into the internet. It opens a door for you to [continue reading]

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