Africa: Chinese Firms Take to Africa Like Bushfire

source: allAfrica
The Nation (Nairobi)
Justus Ondari
29 August 2010

Nairobi — The Chinese influence, in the form of its people, investment and business, is sweeping across the African continent like a wild fire.

Be it financing and executing massive infrastructure projects — roads, power plants and mineral extraction, or small time commercial ventures such as textile, electronic and other household goods, the Chinese are literally driving the African economies.

It is a phenomenon that has triggered a strong wave of reaction from the various African countries, including Kenyans, ranging from open-arm welcome to indifference, to even hostility bordering on Sino-phobia.

An expert in Sino-Africa relations, Dr Martyn Davies, warns that while China is a significant investor in Southeast Asia, one can hardly hear any criticism against the Chinese from [continue reading]

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