South Africa: Army Steps in to the Breech

source: allAfrica
UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
26 August 2010

Johannesburg — The army has deployed more 1,800 medical staff to 47 public hospitals throughout South Africa to substitute for striking doctors and nurses as the nine-day industrial action becomes increasingly ill-tempered.

Thousands of public servants marched in South African cities on 26 August, pushing for an 8.6 percent salary increase and a R1,000 (US$136) housing allowance, which the government has steadfastly refused, citing public spending limitations, and has offered a 7 percent raise and R700 ($95) in housing allowance. Inflation is at 3.7 percent.

Simpiwe Dlamini, spokesman for the South African National Defence Force, told IRIN that more than 2,800 personnel had been deployed to medical facilities, of which 1,800 were [continue reading]


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