Zimbabwe: Ten days pass with no GPA implementation

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
25 August 2010

Ten days have passed since the unity government was set a 30 day deadline to implement the Global Political Agreement (GPA), and there is still no sign of any movement towards meeting this deadline.

Regional leaders in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) resolved earlier this month to give Zimbabwe’s troubled coalition more time to implement the almost two year old GPA. The principals in the government apparently agreed on how to implement 24 of the outstanding 27 issues that have been in dispute. These include; the process of the land audit, the appointment of the board of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and the Mass Media Trust and issues of ‘external interference’.

The coalition leaders also agreed that the remaining three outstanding GPA issues, including the appointment of Roy Bennett to his position as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, would be ‘resolved’ in the coming month. MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa told SW Radio Africa that the 30 day countdown started on [continue reading]


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