The Consumer Fair Is Here

source: Mmegi
Frederick Kebadiretse
Staff Writer

The 2010 Botswana Consumer Fair starts today, with a total of 318 local and international exhibitors who are expected to set up at Fairgrounds at Holdings in Gaborone.

Despite the slight drop in the number of exhibitors this year, there has been an increase in the number of stalls.

The number of exhibitors dropped a little from 320 last year to 318, while the stalls increased to 517 from 507 last year.

Fairgrounds Holdings Marketing and Communications Manager, Nyaladzi Kutjwe, says despite the country still reeling from the bruises of the recent global economic downturn, they are expecting visitors to come in large numbers to the show.

“I think the recession did not hit us that much. Last year we managed a [continue reading]


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