Rapaport bans Zimbabwe Diamonds

source: Mmegi

Diamond trading network RapNet has warned that it would expel any of its members, which knowingly offer diamonds mined at the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe, for sale.

This was despite the Kimberley Process (KP) having allowed Limited diamond exports from the Marange diamonds fields to resume, following a suspension earlier this year. RapNet parent company, the Rapaport Group, informed members in a trade alert notice on its website that, while the trading of Marange diamonds was legal in some jurisdictions, it was still illegal for US, European Union (EU) and UK citizens or entities to knowingly trade in these diamonds, owing to government sanctions.

“We strongly urge members to contact their suppliers and obtain written assurances that they are not being supplied Marange diamonds. US, UK and EU members may have a [continue reading]


  1. Christian Allard

    Blood diamonds should not fund political activities at home or abroad:

    Blood money: the MPs cashing in on Zimbabwe’s misery

    Tory frontbenchers are among those with shares in companies accused of propping up the violent – and now illegal – regimein Harare. Jane Merrick and Archie Bland report.
    Rio Tinto, a rival mining giant, has a diamond mine at Murowa.
    Sir Robert Smith, Lib Dem MP for Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine, has shares in Rio Tinto…


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