Zimbabwe: SADC puts off confronting Mugabe over Tribunal contempt

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
17 August 2010

Leaders in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have put off confronting Robert Mugabe over his refusal to abide by rulings of the regional human rights courts, in a move that threatens the credibility of the Tribunal.

SADC leaders have been meeting in Namibia this week for a heads of state Summit which came to an end on Tuesday. It was widely hoped that the Summit would bow to pressure to take action against Zimbabwe for openly snubbing the authority of the Tribunal, which ruled that Mugabe’s land grab campaign was unlawful.

But SADC has instead decided to wait until the completion of a report on Zimbabwe’s refusal to honour the Tribunal, apparently meant to be undertaken by the region’s different justice ministers. That report has not been completed and the issue has been shelved until the next summit in 2011.

The Tribunal in 2008 ordered the Zimbabwean government to [continue reading]


  1. Christian Allard

    Leaders in the Southern African Development Community should understand that the Tribunal’s orders on land reform have no authority in Zimbabwe because land reform is a constitutional matter in Zimbabwe just like it is going to be next in South Africa. After 30 years, it is reasonable to expect that white large landowners would have shared their estates with the people living and working on the land.

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