Zim `looks east` for diamond sales

source: News24
2010-08-16 22:42

Harare – Zimbabwe on Monday shrugged off a ban by a major diamond trading network on gems from its controversial Marange diamond fields, saying it was sure to find buyers in Russia and Asia.

The US-based Rapaport Diamond Trading Network, or RapNet as it is known, warned in a statement on its website that it would publicly denounce and expel any of its members who dealt in Marange diamonds.

The network links thousands of diamond suppliers and buyers across the world.

RapNet founder Martin Rapaport said that although the global diamond watchdog called the Kimberley Process (KP) had authorised Zimbabwe last week to sell nearly 900 000 carats of [continue reading]


  1. Christian Allard

    I read that the Kimberley Process was set up to clamp down on trade in “blood diamonds” used to fund conflicts. My MP will be pleased to know that Zimbabwe diamonds are still going to fund his lifestyle of a baronet of the British establishment:

    Blood money: the MPs cashing in on Zimbabwe’s misery
    …Sir Robert Smith, Lib Dem MP for Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine, has shares in Rio Tinto and Shell…

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