Zimbabwe: Farmers win another victory against the government

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
12 August 2010

Zimbabwean farmers have this week won yet another small victory against the government, in their ongoing pursuit of justice for the unlawful land grab campaign.

The farmers, supported by South African civil rights initiative AfriForum, have been fighting a legal battle in that country’s courts, and trying to force the government to compensate them for the land that was seized in the exercise. On Wednesday the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ruled that the Zim government is responsible for the wasted costs of an urgent court application brought against the farmers and AfriForum, in error last month.

The government mistakenly lodged the urgent application, believing that a planned auction of Zim government owned properties in Cape Town had been organised by [continue reading]


  1. Christian Allard

    Nothing new here, the white landowners in Zimbabwe have a lot of European connections with large corporations who owns most of Zimbabwe assets. When will we let go to Africa?

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