Alcohol industry`s stifled cry

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

It is a tough call telling the king that he is very unfair and wrong in his analysis of a given issue. If you were to do it you would crawl to him and in the most humble way, with your face to the floor, ask his majesty if it is possible for him to reconsider the issue.

Even then you can not be sure if he understands you; for all you know your rattling on is a waste of his time. Or worse he could sentence you to death for complaining.

This is the position the Botswana Alcohol industry finds itself in. Following the passing of a number of moratoriums regarding for example the number of hours of operation for establishments selling alcohol, the banning of the sale of alcohol in homes and the raising of the alcohol levy, the industry’s leaders must find themselves at [continue reading]

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