South Africa: Public Sector Workers Strike, Threaten All-Out Stoppage

source: allAfrica
Radio France Internationale (Paris)
Jean-Jacques Cornish
10 August 2010

South Africa’s 1.3 million public servants staged a one-day strike on Tuesday and threatened to launch an all-out stoppage if the government does not better its offer of a seven per cent wage rise.

Thousands of workers marched peacefully in Pretoria and Cape Town today, leaving pupils untaught and hospital and police managing on skeleton staffs.

They’re demanding 8.6 per cent which is more than double the official inflation rate.

South African public servants believe their show of force in the country’s administrative and legislative capitals will persuade the government that it does not want its workers to down tools as they did in their extended strike in 2007.

That could erode the five-billion-euro bonanza the country earned with the [continue reading]


  1. The strike in Polokwane Limpopo went off very peaceful yesterday. The only problem we have is that our children cant get the education that they deserve, basic services like medical are standing still and cant provide for people really needing it.

    Hope this ill all end soon!

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