No business, no Parliament – Nasha

source: Mmegi

A blame game has ensued between the Speaker of Parliament, Margaret Nasha, and some opposition MPs after she closed parliament for recess on Tuesday evening.

Mystery surrounds the early adjournment of the 10th Parliament pitting Nasha against some opposition MPs.

According to Nasha, the house ran out of business to debate. It was initially scheduled to go on adjournment on Friday but due to lack of work, it closed early.

Nasha said that there was absolutely no business for members to debate leaving her with no choice but to go on adjournment.
She puts the blame squarely on the MPs. She said that last Friday over 10 motions were either withdrawn or deferred to a later date leaving only two for this week.

She said on Monday a motion by Palapye MP, Master Goya, was deferred to a later date because he is on an official engagement outside the country.

Another motion was deferred because the mover, Wynter Mmolotsi, was waiting for statistics from [continue reading]


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